Cause and effect

Professional Ethics (journal)

Professional Ethics (journal) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AFR%20bannerLeonWantSomeofthispolice protection

Julia Gillard as Robin Hood in reverse

Julia Gillard as Robin Hood in reverse (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)

Business and Professional Ethics Journal

Business and Professional Ethics Journal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1stly see police battoning members of the public,..

and we wonder why the below happens,…

Off-duty officer charged for resisting arrest

Barrister found guilty of professional misconduct

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Treasurer Mike Baird’s $1 billion blue

Coroner to scrutinize baby’s hospital transfers

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One Response to Cause and effect

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Man’s hands up when shot by cops: witness
    1pm on September 29 last year, came over the police radio, three plainclothes officers, who spotted Mr Elkass in his ute outside Castle Hill police station, approached him yelling with guns drawn.

    Seconds later the fatal shot was fired.

    Deputy State Coroner Hugh Dillon said his death raised troubling questions.

    “Rodney was not a gangster. He was a decent citizen who lived quietly without causing trouble,” he said.

    The inquest will explore whether the three plainclothes police officers properly identified themselves when approaching Mr Elkass, who was a painter by trade.

    Counsel assisting the coroner Peter Hamill, SC, said he anticipated the evidence about this would be “contradictory and controversial”.

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