POLICE SERVICE, enforcing the corporate policies

Policing and community

Policing and community (Photo credit: Toban Black)

60 th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration...

60 th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (2008) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

before the upgrade warrawong

2 blocks (domociles)demolished, trees cut down when farmers are fined for doing similarly, no  off peak electricity if you live here, block door ways cant be locked so crime rate  goes skyward, access and egress taken away, and fences emplaced to supposidly stop drug supply in area then some one thrown from a 3rd storey window  another person dies from an overdose ,..  human rights ignored along with constitutioin section 53 and others, International Property Maintenance  and Security Codes of 2006  ignored untill  upgrades attempt to remedy situation, tennants  lived  in a construction area since 2009 with all the associated noise and  life interruptions ,….

and one askes a sherriff how a  certian document initated by a corporation complies with weights and measures  and police dont investigate questions,  just folloow corporate rule without  putting their brains into gear …..    Flouride and Aspartaime  i blame

Christmas greetings from the Queensland Police...

Christmas greetings from the Queensland Police 1900 (Photo credit: State Library of Queensland, Australia)

Queensland Police Fraud: Re: Driver License Fraud

Published on 31 Oct 2012

The: QUEENSLAND POLICE SERVICE, enforcing the corporate policies of the foreign: STATE OF QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA, corporation, registered as a subdivision of the UNITED STATES, SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION, WASHINGTON D.C. District of Columbia.

Article 20 (b) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, claims that no person can be forced to join a society. A corporation is a society. When the QUEENSLAND POLICE SERVICE encounter a person that refuses to surrender his sovereignty in order to become a Citizen of a foreign corporation, then steals that persons property, and liberty, and citizenship, such persons are committing true International crime.

The QUEENSLAND DRIVER LICENSE and: State BIRTH Certificate, are fraud instruments that destroys a person’s true identification, a person’s link to his sovereignty, a person’s link to such a persons, sovereign trust, his standing as the beneficiary of the sovereign trust and enters such a person into a foreign corporate entity, under the Law of the Sea, as a trustee, without compensation pursuant to Trust Law. The trustee must be compensated. (TRUST LAW)

The QUEENSLAND POLICE SERVICE uphold such a fraud, leaving every person representing such a service, in danger of serious crimes in relation to the Criminal Code Acts, the Crimes Act, and International Law.

The Ministers of the Parliament of the Governing Private Corporation, STATE OF QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA, have all been made aware of the DRIVER LICENSE FRAUD and have not rebutted any claim relating to the fraud, “Judgement by Default” however, it appears that the persons that represent the QUEENSLAND POLICE SERVICE are still unaware, that all the ministers and Attorney General, have been informed.

The Ministers have a Duty of Care to the members of its private corporation and must inform it’s Police Officers, that they only have jurisdiction over the Citizens of the Corporation only, and has no jurisdiction over any person that assumes the STATE OF QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA to be an unlawful fraud or fiction.

The Police Officer in this clip has no idea of what happened and can’t even correctly read the name appearing on the Driver License Instrument.

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6 Responses to POLICE SERVICE, enforcing the corporate policies

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    New Media Demystifying the Occult

  2. Enjoying yourself.. Here is a few more.. http://www.michael-munday-fraud.com/
    More pictures of what a Drving Liscence looks like… go to google ask NSW Drivers Liscence
    & see how many fraudental ones you can find.. I gave birth to a baby girl 1965 and she was never handed to me .. I had a form to sign whilst under infulence of a drug or more… which itself is illegal & fraudental but we won’t go down that painful argument to what is legal & what is fraud.. What or who can apologize for deeds of many years ago..

  3. Pingback: Can any Public Trustee explain how this document complies with Weights and Measures Legislation? | peter's space

  4. PeterBDunn says:


    Stephen Quintano

    An Australian Story – Stephen Quintano

    Hour 4. We feature an Australian story of Stephen Quintano whose children were abducted and kidnapped by a religious sect. His active pursuit in endeavouring to get his children back, put him at odds with Police and the Judicial system. This is the story of an everyday Australian who reached out for help, to those he thought were there to help, only to be maligned, victimized and isolated for asking questions of those in authority.




    Dad loses bid to sue police over sect abuse – WorldWide Religious News
    Mr Luke Quintano Shooting Investigation – 20-10-2006 – PRIV – NSW Parliament
    smh.com.au – The Sydney Morning Herald-
    Traditional Catholics Sect – 20-09-2005 – PRIV – NSW Parliament

  5. PeterBDunn says:




    Eighty per cent of these customers read their own meters and discovered they were being charged for water they were not using.

    Opposition water spokesman Walt Secord is calling on the state government to review Sydney Water’s process in estimating a household’s water usage, and is urging people to do a check of their meters if bills appear too high.

    More than 200,000 households receive estimated bills.

    “With families facing cost of living pressures and living on tight budgets, it is unfair for them to be paying for water they are not using. Families are doing their part and conserving water, but they need to know they are being charged fairly,” Mr Secord said.

    The figures, contained in Sydney Water’s annual report for 2011-2012, show bill complaints have increased by 14 per cent since 2010.

    The total number of complaints received by Sydney Water has risen to 7527 from 7398 in 2010-11, with more than half related to bills.

    The 2011-2012 report showed that, after tax, Sydney Water made $367 million – $95 million more than forecast in the statement of corporate intent target signed by the Premier and Treasurer.

    Thanks to ignorant sherrifs Police and Courts I got evicted assaulted all because I complained re exactly what has now come out Compensation Ay !!
    Man threatened police with crowbar: court


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