‘Call to Action – the Time is Now!’


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English: A poster for drinking water security ...

English: A poster for drinking water security from the EPA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What is going on with Govt and the mining industry?

They’ve removed the only public health expert on the board of the Sydney Catchment Authority and installed a former mining company executive and Liberal Party crony as chairman. What the ____ ?
Department of Planning and Infrastructure has recommended approval of Apex Energy’s modification application. The modification would revive the plan to drill 16 coal seam gas (CSG) wells in and around the Woronora and Upper Nepean drinking water catchments. Apex Energy has also been sent a renewal offer for a lapsed exploration licence – PEL 442 – that extends from Scarborough in the north to Dapto in the south; a licence required for the project to go ahead

This news follows the announcement earlier this week that the entire board of the Sydney Catchment Authority has been overhauled by the government. The new chairperson is a former director of two of Australia’s largest mining companies, and for the first time in its history there is no public health expert on the board.

The Government seems hell bent on developing CSG in the drinking water catchment, regardless of risk or level of community opposition. They have shown complete contempt for the thousands who rallied in October to Protect H2O.

This is not just an issue for the Illawarra. 4.5 million people in NSW rely on water sourced from the Sydney Water Catchment, including much of Greater Sydney.

Regardless of this Government recommendation, and whatever the Planning Assessment Commission decides, this community will not let CSG development in the drinking water catchment go ahead.

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4 Responses to ‘Call to Action – the Time is Now!’

  1. pamea says:

    We usually give coal the stink eye for the ways it harms the earth’s surface when it is extracted, and the way it harms the earth’s systems when it is burned. But we also need to hone in on the way coal harms our fresh water supplies. Between 800 and 3,000 gallons of water are used to extract, process and dispose each ton of coal. And with 1 billion tons of coal used per year in the US, that equates to as much as 75 trillion gallons of water wasted on dirty http://www.circleofblue.org/waternews/2010/world/infographic-coal-and-water-–-a-resource-mismatch/energy each year. Circle of Blue has put these stats and many other jaw-dropping figures into a compelling infographic. Check it out after the jump. Check out the Full Sized infographic on Circle of Blue =

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