Can any Public Trustee explain how this document complies with Weights and Measures Legislation?

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Who is  the issuing  authority  where is the varified or  re  varified amount of the measured unit charged to the resident of their domocile

A “resident” is not the same as an “inhabitant”.
According to Black’s Law Dictionary, First Edition, a “resident”
may not be entitled to all the privileges as an “inhabitant”.
It further states that a resident is “also a tenant…obliged to reside
on his lord’s land”.  Whereas a “domicile” is that place where one
sleeps and intends to stay with his family, aka “shelter”, his “residence”
is merely a temporary place from whence he eventually intends to return
to his “domicile”.  The domicile is the fruit of his labor while the residence
is a place he has temporarily gone for business, or to make a living,
with the intent of returning to his “shelter”.

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The judges are now called “corams” meaning an unelected judge, a person sitting as a judge, but not a judge.

Therefore making the courts liable to uphold not our Common Law, but the civil law of commerce, as practised by this Australian System of Government.

And to doubly keep the People well away from any Common Law, the sea boundaries were extended around Australia, both outward and inward along each State’s coastline – the landmass was now legislatively covered in “water”, thus allowing maritime law to rule in the courts as well.

Under maritime law, the captain of the ship has total lawful control, making all judicial rules. Common Law does not exist at sea.

Now, as the People CAN onlybe arrested, punished, sentenced, etc through Common Law UNLESS they hold a commercial contract with any government “department” or entity – the rise of registration, licensing, certification, etc began in this country.

Suddenly it was a crime to do anything without being given permission from some government agency.

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9 Responses to Can any Public Trustee explain how this document complies with Weights and Measures Legislation?

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    i get $725 p/f about 362 a week to live off our servants get $900.00 per day a
    huuuugggee difference from master, tax payer, ie wage payer to servant , yet servant rakes in
    superior benefits vide wages for sittin on their asses and talking than sweatting like bricklayers or riggers
    and others that actually do physical labour and not just jaber with their jaws, for such superior life standards
    as opposed to those that poay their wages!!

    yep accounting practices for and by accountants/bankers
    usurping public from their $ with their creative accounting methodologies

    corporations just members of community meeting to make rulst to impose against others in community

    imagine if members of a community collected at a pub met and decided to make documents to kick out of the homes and incarcerate
    these alledgted servants because we think they scum?
    whats the difference anyway corporations or a hotel, fishing or darts club ??

    they all just members of a community, meeting, to make paperwork, to inflict upon other community members lives wtf?

    and thats whats served up as the australian way of life under clepto corporatocracy fabian socialistic rule

    Q would you be able to do a private gem mine – by hand, pick n shouvel & still get your pension..
    .say it is hard work n gems $$ not so easy to keep a secret when you sell them

    just need a private buyer of your labour

    like pollies have done, they using peoples monies, for a corporate plan agains them
    pollies, corporations, whats the real difference?

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    11:29 am (Edit)
    According to the WHO, each human being requires a bare minimum of 20 litres of fresh water per day for basic hygiene;[11] this equals 7.3 cubic metres (about 255 ft3) per person, per year. Based on the availability, access and development of water supplies, the specific usage figures vary widely from country to country, with developed nations having existing systems to treat water for human consumption, and deliver it to every home. At the same time however, some nations across Latin America, parts of Asia, South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East either do not have sufficient water resources or have not developed these or the infrastructure to the levels required. This occurs for many varied reasons. It has resulted in conflict and often results in a reduced level or quantity of fresh water per capita consumption; this situation leads toward disease, and at times, to starvation and death.

    ICAC seizes on Australian Water’s link to Obeid family
    The majority owner of Australian Water, Nick Di Girolamo

    Read more:

    Read more:


    Eighty per cent of these customers read their own meters and discovered they were being charged for water they were not using.

    Opposition water spokesman Walt Secord is calling on the state government to review Sydney Water’s process in estimating a household’s water usage, and is urging people to do a check of their meters if bills appear too high.

    More than 200,000 households receive estimated bills.

    “With families facing cost of living pressures and living on tight budgets, it is unfair for them to be paying for water they are not using. Families are doing their part and conserving water, but they need to know they are being charged fairly,” Mr Secord said.

    The figures, contained in Sydney Water’s annual report for 2011-2012, show bill complaints have increased by 14 per cent since 2010.

    The total number of complaints received by Sydney Water has risen to 7527 from 7398 in 2010-11, with more than half related to bills.

    The 2011-2012 report showed that, after tax, Sydney Water made $367 million – $95 million more than forecast in the statement of corporate intent target signed by the Premier and Treasurer.
    Thanks to ignorant sherrifs Police and Courts I got evicted assaulted all because I complained re exactly what has now come out Compensation Ay !!
    Man threatened police with crowbar: court

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  7. PeterBDunn says:

    apparently NOT they say et another solicitor……..

    Mr Dunn

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    NSW Police Force does not offer legal advice or interpretation. I suggest you seek independent legal advice in this matter. Try Law Access on 1300 888 529, a free legal service.

    Regards Jim
    Customer Assistance Unit.
    1800 622 571


    Date: 19/04/2013 04:10
    Subject: Contact to NSW Police


    Select the area you wish to contact : Commissioner’s Office
    Name : Peter B Dunn
    Country : Australia
    Subject : Explination required
    Enter your comments in this box: : Dear Sir/Madam,

    Can I get an explanation re the contents of this

    how Detectives, Local prosecuting offices, courts and solicitors in NSW can ignore
    Weights and measures legislation
    and make an ex member of the service( My old regd no 20128)
    Homeless due to a corporations, (Nsw land commissions), striking of a document,
    when the cant verify, or re verify, the amount they alleged I used, and now as such due to “The Process” I m in the current situation I find my self in .
    Is there any avenue of my obtaining compensation for the discrimination I have suffered

    14 storey st port Kembla, nsw 2505
    E-mail :
    Telephone :
    Fax :
    City : Port kembla
    State : nsw

    The above message was received through the NSWPF Internet site ( submitted at the date/time above, using IP address ). Do not reply directly to this email if no email address is provided.

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