When did we volunteer to be Test Subjects?

Giving the F-U to Communism!

Giving the F-U to Communism! (Photo credit: greggoconnell)

Open Source = Communism

Open Source = Communism (Photo credit: DavidErickson)

Proclamation board labelled "Governor Dav...

Proclamation board labelled “Governor Davey’s Proclamation” painted in Van Diemen’s Land about 1830 in the time of Governor Arthur. This was designed to show that colonists and aboriginals were equal before the law, and incorrectly depicted a policy of friendship and equal justice which simply did not exist at the height of the Black War. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Income management 2 week vigil outside Centrel...

Income management 2 week vigil outside Centrelink Bankstown (Photo credit: Greens MPs)

Time to proclaim the great social democratic experiment


the australian land rackett

The Great Push Experiment

Location of Centrelink offices in Australia


The Centrelink Experiment

Australia’s Experiment in Communism


Prominent people
of Australian History


Australia’s 13 biggest mistakes
October 2006, Volume 58, Number 3


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  1. pamea says:

    Aa Top post, Pete šŸ™‚ A1 Excellence..

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