Recommending Vinny Eastwood on Fairdinkum Radio with Leon Pittard 6Feb2013

English: Seal of the Australia and New Zealand...

English: Seal of the Australia and New Zealand Bank Limited, established 1951 by amalgamation between Bank of Australasia and Union Bank of Australia Limited. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vinny Eastwood on Fairdinkum Radio with Leon Pittard 6Feb2013

Published on 7 Feb 2013
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Vinny’s NUTShell: Leon Pittard
Explaining how Vinny got his radio show and his phobia of being employed, the similarities between Australia and New Zealand in terms of the new world order apparatus, its implementation and symptoms. Carbon tax comparisons, threats to farming viability under agenda 21, mining on private and public lands.
The interesting nature of being a radio host who is not a specialist in any areas but in fact a generalist who admits I don’t know what I’m talking about in specifics, but instead only knows a little bit about a lot of different topics, making for a much more interesting world view.
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4 Responses to Recommending Vinny Eastwood on Fairdinkum Radio with Leon Pittard 6Feb2013

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  2. pamea says:

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  3. pamea says:

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