Vinney Eastwood and Max Igan re Breach of trust by corporations & their employees

img004corrective servicesimg014Australian Police State Approaches, Max Igan & Vinny Eastwood 8Feb2013

Published on 10 Feb 2013

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Vinny’s NUTShell: Hour 1 Max Igan
Always insightful Australian commentary about how the governments of the world are simply in breach of trust and have been so for far too long, it’s time to stand up and stop allowing corrupt officials to keep treating our nations like mines and slave colonies.
This most recent manifestation is the attempt by local councils to steal governing authority from the states.
Hard times financially and tyrannically mean it’s more likely that leaving the developed world for 3rd world countries is a growing prospect among those who wish to escape an escalating police state.
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Treasurer under fire over energy appointment

Airport corruption claims not new to former investigator

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ICAC seizes on Australian Water’s link to Obeid family
The majority owner of Australian Water, Nick Di Girolamo
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NSW govt wants to sell Sydney Water: oppn

Sell electricity networks: draft report

Tiers of government signing regional agreement

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8 Responses to Vinney Eastwood and Max Igan re Breach of trust by corporations & their employees


  2. pamea says:

    The Hide of them! ”Liberal MLC Catherine Cusack pointed out that Mr Massy-Greene’s company has also donated to Labor.
    Mr Donnelly accused Mr Baird of being in breach of the ministerial code of conduct by not declaring a conflict of interest in the appointment process, but Mr Baird denied this.
    Mr Baird accused Labor of running a “smear campaign” that was “going nowhere”.
    Mr Massy-Greene is chairman of Eureka Capital Partners, a company focused on financing and development in the minerals and energy sectors.”
    Read more:
    Repeating your quote.. to emphasize the corruptness of it all..

    Board of Directors | The Hunger Project
    Mr Roger Massy-Greene BSc BE(Hons)(Syd) MBA(Harvard) Mr Massy-Greene is Chairman of Eureka Capital Partners, a company focussed on financing and
    IT DOES NOT STOP THERE.. Revealed: the corporate clique ruling Australia’s schools

    Sep 25, 2012 – … co-author Helen Nugent (Macquarie, Origin Energy and Freehills), multi-millionaire vice chair Roger Massy-Greene (Eureka Capital Partners ..

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    Eighty per cent of these customers read their own meters and discovered they were being charged for water they were not using.

    Opposition water spokesman Walt Secord is calling on the state government to review Sydney Water’s process in estimating a household’s water usage, and is urging people to do a check of their meters if bills appear too high.

    More than 200,000 households receive estimated bills.

    “With families facing cost of living pressures and living on tight budgets, it is unfair for them to be paying for water they are not using. Families are doing their part and conserving water, but they need to know they are being charged fairly,” Mr Secord said.

    The figures, contained in Sydney Water’s annual report for 2011-2012, show bill complaints have increased by 14 per cent since 2010.

    The total number of complaints received by Sydney Water has risen to 7527 from 7398 in 2010-11, with more than half related to bills.

    The 2011-2012 report showed that, after tax, Sydney Water made $367 million – $95 million more than forecast in the statement of corporate intent target signed by the Premier and Treasurer.
    Thanks to ignorant sherrifs Police and Courts I got evicted assaulted all because I complained re exactly what has now come out Compensation Ay !!
    Man threatened police with crowbar: court

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