Fun with the Legal System in NSW


Assault_W_Intent_No9_Fall1991smaller (Photo credit: Public Collectors)

English: New South Wales Police Force 2008 For...

English: New South Wales Police Force 2008 Ford Ranger PJ XL Crew Cab. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back in March April of 2000 the Australian Industrial Comission instructed JCS developments to reinstate Peter Dunn and Robert Hamilton their Jobs,  but  they and their legal teams Ignored that ruling and Mr Dunn and Mr Hamilton remained without employment for a time.

AIRC Noticelist

I recall  during a Police door knock enquiring re  the death of Rebeckah Apps

a constable looking very similar to constable Waples from rescue squad , after being  asked how they’re going finding my  stolen harley, and my stolen ford sedan , i was told by  the familiar looking constable, whilst in company with  a group o f others, that my property  , pertaining to my harley had been recovered  but  sold at police Auction? why  would he purport such words to an ex association member?

one time my neighbour Mick reid takes a photo of an offender who punches him in the mouth and smashes his camera, to police who inform him, to take action  vide the chamber magistrate? WTF!!!

Such great  service by corporate lakkys who proport to be serving Police Officers

On another accassion My sons girlfriend takes his credit card, He chases her  her to obtain his property from her, her wrists were redenned,  He doesnt report a stealing matter to police, but his girl friend reports an alledged assault, which subsequently went to court and was Lost by the complainant.

Then as one can read below i  asked my land lord to prove to me how many litres of water they alledge ive used as per Weights and Measures Legislation and Im found guilty of assault?  when i never touched any one of the commie brainwashed zombies who cant even follow their own Sherriffs act of 2005 No 6  sect 7A(3) and along with treasonous police (Actually Corporate employees now )  Who Damage Public property, Assault vide pepper spraym ,a member of the public whos handcuffed thrown into the rear of a police van then incarcerated in a leaky cell. as yourve prob read before …..img030

The Department of housing ( terry allan and company), owes me a television set,  a fridge,  a  washing machine, another domocile and monetary compensation for my loss of quality of life by their actions and scumbaggery

And the Police could  find my stolen Harley Motor vehicle ford giah sedan and Not impede a fathers right to  acces to his children :-/ or just blindly follow clepto corporate authoritarian rule against  Human rights weights  and measures  and  the ole common sense mey be to many roids?  to much flouride and aspartaime ? there has to be a logical explination for their scumbaggery!!!Pointing out the Scumbags and their Scumbaggery in Warrawong

Bet ill be waiting for a  time ay !!

Some Warrawong residents locked out of Community centre whilst others not ? Discrimination?

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