DEMOCIDE: Socialism, & Tyranny

Tyranny and Mutation

Tyranny and Mutation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A chart over different types of socialism.

A chart over different types of socialism. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alex Jones Democide

Published on 1 Mar 2012

Alex Jones breaks down this recent history of governments killing
their own people


DEMOCIDE: Socialism, Tyranny, Guns And Freedom

Published on 20 Feb 2013

This video highlights the relationship between socialism,
tyranny, the right to keep and bear arms and American freedom from
1776 until today.

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8 Responses to DEMOCIDE: Socialism, & Tyranny

  1. bunkerville says:

    Good roundup of posts. Thanks.

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    Eighty per cent of these customers read their own meters and discovered they were being charged for water they were not using.

    Opposition water spokesman Walt Secord is calling on the state government to review Sydney Water’s process in estimating a household’s water usage, and is urging people to do a check of their meters if bills appear too high.

    More than 200,000 households receive estimated bills.

    “With families facing cost of living pressures and living on tight budgets, it is unfair for them to be paying for water they are not using. Families are doing their part and conserving water, but they need to know they are being charged fairly,” Mr Secord said.

    The figures, contained in Sydney Water’s annual report for 2011-2012, show bill complaints have increased by 14 per cent since 2010.

    The total number of complaints received by Sydney Water has risen to 7527 from 7398 in 2010-11, with more than half related to bills.

    The 2011-2012 report showed that, after tax, Sydney Water made $367 million – $95 million more than forecast in the statement of corporate intent target signed by the Premier and Treasurer.
    Thanks to ignorant sherrifs Police and Courts I got evicted assaulted all because I complained re exactly what has now come out Compensation Ay !!
    Man threatened police with crowbar: court

  3. PeterBDunn says:

    Blessed are they…

    Blessed are they who understand
    My faltering step and shaking hand.

    Blessed are they who know my ears today
    Must strain to hear the things they say.

    Blessed are they who seem to know
    My eyes are dim and my answers slow.

    Blessed are they who look away
    When my tea was spilled at the table today.

    Blessed are they who with a cheery smile
    Will stop to chat for a little while.

    Blessed are they who never say
    “You’ve told that story twice today.”

    Blessed are they who know my ways
    And bring back memories of yesterdays.

    Blessed are they who ease the days
    And care for me in loving ways.

    Blessed are they who make it known
    I’m loved, respected and not alone.

    Author Unknown

  4. PeterBDunn says:

    Published on Jun 21, 2013

    TURTLE CREEK, PA — Police came barging into a woman’s home because they wanted to arrest the owner for the length of her lawn. A tenant, Robyn Ruckman, recorded the encounter. As she answered the door, police treated her rudely and started making demands. She told them her name but that wasn’t good enough. They wanted her to produce ID.

    After asking them to stay outside, police and health inspectors barged into her home.

    “You know, I don’t even see a nametag,” Ruckman told the officer.

    “I don’t give a sh*t what you see. Go get your ID. You see that?! It says POLICE.”

    Police were performing a 12-hour roundup of the town’s offenders, including the horrendous crimes of having uncut grass. The Lawn Nazis took care of business that day, and the streets were safe once again. Robyn Ruckman got off easy that day, as she was not the landlord. It was the owner of the long grass that was to be put behind bars.


    • PeterBDunn says:

      World Bank Corruption

      Craig Isherwood from the Citizens Electoral Council joins us to talk about the World Bank Whistle-blower, Karen Hudes as she reveals the depth of corruption at every level of corporate banking and corporate government.

      She reveals how the World Bank launders millions of dollars every year for the ruling economic political elite of every nation.

      Craig also updates us on the Federal Government pushing through a law to steal your money from your accounts.

      27.06.13 World Bank Corruption – Craig Isherwood 30m

      Asia Pacific Perspective – Broc West

      NSA Scandal & Asia-Pacific implications:

      Leon is once again joined by Broc West of Asia-Pacific Perspective for their monthly
      discussion on all things Asia-Pacific and beyond:

      In this wide-ranging interview we cover:

      – The return of Kevin Rudd as PM
      – High level coordinated cyber-attacks on China by the US
      – The ongoing saga of Edward Snowden
      – The continuing fallout from the NSA scandals
      – How Australia & New Zealand are complicit in various global surveillance programs
      – The explosive revelations made by NSA whistle-blower Russell Tice
      – The long-established global surveillance program known as Project Echelon and more…

      Snowden spy row grows as US is accused of hacking China
      #NSA Targeted China’s Tsinghua University in Extensive Hacking Attacks
      Australia gets ‘deluge’ of US secret data, prompting a new data facility
      Online surveillance: what is the Australian government hiding?
      Attorney-General rejects metadata warrants
      Australian Government shelves data retention scheme (for now)
      New Zealand government fast-tracking new law for spying on it’s citizens’ internet
      Know Your History: What is Project #ECHELON?

      For more from Asia-Pacific Perspective please visit

      Stay up to date via:
      Twitter – @ap_perspective
      RSS –

      Asia Pacific Perspective – Broc West mp3

      Asia Pacific Perspective – Broc West Video

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