The Fortress An allegorical look

In a 1898 newspaper cartoon, “Uncle Sam” watch...

In a 1898 newspaper cartoon, “Uncle Sam” watches as the “Goddess of Liberty” heralds “freedom” for Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Poster showing Uncle Sam proffering Liberty Bo...

Poster showing Uncle Sam proffering Liberty Bonds, or shackles inscribed Prussia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Fortress

An allegorical look at America‘s
struggle for freedom

The Enemy, seeing that direct attack upon the massive structure was futile, resorted to craft and deceit. He fed the people of the Fortress false philosophies and subtle lies, causing them to gradually let down their guard. The Enemy ceased his violent attack upon the walls and let several generations pass without a battle, causing the people of the Fortress to further slip into a false sense of security and confidence. As the Enemy, overjoyed at his success, stepped up the flow of false teachings, the foundation of the Fortress began to crumble from neglect and the nibbling of the Enemy.

The Seven watched these events with despair, for the people began to reject their advice. Particularly Justice and Truth’s. As the people became more and more corrupted with the Enemy’s lies, Uncle Sam and the Eagle were also corrupted, for they were made up of the people.

And then the unthinkable began to happen. Slowly, without the people realizing it, the Enemy gained access to the very persons their ancestors had fought and died to protect. Only Truth saw him coming, easing, creeping, sneaking his way into the Fortress. She ran first to Liberty. “We are under attack! The Enemy is here, he will enslave as before!”

Liberty looked around in alarm. She didn’t see any Enemy. Stroking her graying temples thoughtfully, she told Truth, “There is no one here, the people are still free.”

Truth insisted, “He is here. I saw him walking among the people. They accept him. We are in danger.”

“No doubt you think you saw someone, Truth, for you do not lie.” Here Liberty laughed at the obviousness of the statement. “But we are safe in the Fortress, the Enemy cannot invade us.”

“But he has–” Truth was cut off by a careless wave from Liberty’s hand. Truth’s forever-young face fell in disappointment and grief, and she walked slowly away.

A few minutes later, softly, quietly, the broken shackles at Liberty’s feet were mended and gently replaced around her wrists. Her flaming torch dimmed slowly to a mere flicker of a candle. She looked up in surprise. There was no one but her six friends and the people of the Fortress. The Enemy had become so commonplace, almost a reassuring presence to the people, he blended in, he was invisible. Nobody would be able to see him coming. Nobody but Truth.

Liberty turned to Uncle Sam. “The Enemy is among us. I have been shackled again. Free me as you did before! He has taken away the people of the Fortress’ freedom. Now he is able to destroy them!”

Uncle Sam snorted good-naturedly. He seemed much bigger than he ever had before, more powerful. “You’ve been listening to Truth. She’s been telling everyone that the Enemy is right here in the Fortress. What nonsense. You are not shackled, Liberty, it is a figment of your imagination. Why, look at the people. They are just as free as they have ever been.”

Liberty obediently examined the people. It was true, they seemed happy enough, working, playing, going to school. She brought her chained wrists up to her face to inspect the shackles. They were not too heavy. But little things here and there bothered her. She mentioned them to Uncle Sam. He laughed her off again, saying, “What? Would you have us destroy all laws? You know that without fairness, there is no real freedom. Everything is just fine.”

Liberty protested, “That’s just it. It’s fairness, not justice, you are giving to the people.”

Uncle Sam looked at her in confusion. “Is there a difference?”

“I … don’t know. I will ask Justice.” Liberty walked away to find Justice. She was sitting alone on Court Terrace, facing the sunset. Liberty wondered why, as Justice’s blindfold did not allow her to see it. Sometimes Liberty pitied her, never being able to take the blindfold off, but it was vital, Liberty knew.

Justice heard Liberty’s footsteps and turned with a rather uncertain, but pleased smile. Her blindfold was gone. Liberty gasped, and ran closer. “Justice, your blindfold. …” Then she noticed something else. “Your sword … what happened to them?”

“He said it wasn’t right that my eyes were covered. He said I needed to see if my judgment was fair. He took away my sword. He said it was too cruel, too intimidating, I shouldn’t use it anymore. He gave me this to use instead.” Justice held up a ridiculously little wooden spoon.

Liberty gazed at Justice in amazement. The Interpreter of the Law’s eyes were a soft, sparkling blue. It was sad they had been hidden for so long. “Justice, who’s ‘he’?”

“Why, I don’t really know. I heard this nice voice speaking to me, telling me why I needed to take my blindfold off. He took my sword, handed me this spoon, then took my blindfold. I could see, and nobody was there.” Justice hesitated. “I heard also Truth’s voice. She was warning me not to listen to him. She said he was the Enemy, but he seemed much too pleasant for that. After he took away my sword … she spoke no more.”

Justice’s eyes fell to Liberty’s wrists. “Why are you shackled, Liberty? I thought we were free.”

Justice’s na?vet? touched Liberty’s heart, and she hastened to reassure her. “Oh, these are not serious. Just some little laws here and there that we need so we can be fair to everybody.”

But Justice caught the uncertainty in her voice. “Fairness. … I suppose it’s all right. But Truth seemed so sure that it was the Enemy.” Justice paused in thought. “Will I have to change my name to Fairness?”

Liberty turned this over in her mind. “I don’t really know. Anyway, I came to ask you a question. Is there a difference between justice and fairness?”

Justice glanced down at the pair of scales in her hand. “Before I would measure them against each other in the scales, but now that I can see to judge for myself … he said that I should.”

“The man who took away your blindfold said that?”

“Yes. Perhaps he is right.” Justice took a deep breath and tossed away her scales. “In that case, I see no difference between fairness and justice.”

Liberty looked doubtful. “That seems OK, but now I remember Wisdom saying something about the difference between the two. Are you sure in your judgment?”

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