Machines run by kleptocratic larcenists destroy globe! & Aussie Police Corruption

marxist feminist dialectic

marxist feminist dialectic (Photo credit: ruminatrix)

Aussie Police Corruption, Luke McKee 22Feb2013 1 of 2

what do you call it when govt departments collude together to deprive citizens of their
blood stained rights, TREASON!

Alan Kessing, Peter Spencer Schapelle Corby,…
Whos Next you or your neighbour?

What a shame a few bad apples can spoil the barrell for the rest of us
the belief that dancing with the devil , that you can change the devil
is misguided, the devil doesnt change,… he changes you!

similarly, i was detained by police and made late for work (serco)
(i was delivering food within BHP food services division relieving my brother in law for the birth of their child)
and because i was late to work i wasnt offered any future shifts?

and i ring certian radio stations, the power station, voice of the people,on hearing them ask people
to ring in, as they hawk and canvass one, so they can get their pay for doing a good job,
and you tell them of stuff thats happenning in your local community and you get hung up on
and they state on air “i would of evicted him too” more heigaliean dialetic served up
and to detective Patrick Mortimer:

your actions were witnessed by the 2 ambulance officers and every other officer,in, and around the paddy waggon, when you threw me into the rear whilst handcuffed. which has caused me pain ever since.
Thanks for your duty of care Patrick.

also i had to reload the above video twice whilst watching it, either great adsl from Aust govt and Dodo,
or some, govt hacking fabian socialist being a scumbag again,
5 times it stopped at the 33.28 mark????

Machines run by kleptocratic larcenists destroy the globe!

Published on 22 Feb 2013

Watch the full Keiser Report E 410 here

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert compare the
real financial suicide machine that is the global financial markets to the hypothetical
euthanasia coaster that would kill its passengers after an allegedly fun and euphoric
ride induces GLOC – G-force induced Loss Of Consciousness. In the financial markets
this is achieved by churning clients so rapidly or front running them at faster than the
speed of light. In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to professor and economist,
Constantin Gurdgiev, about the liquidation of IBRC, the bank formerly known as
Anglo Irish and how it is that the bank came to collapse in the first place.

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