The labour parties economic atrohpy for australia

Australia trade

Australia trade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Australia 2009

Australia 2009 (Photo credit: stoofstraat)

Economy Candy shop

Economy Candy shop (Photo credit: Patricil)

Offshoring Inc.

Offshoring Inc. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

The labour parties economic atrohpy for australia

what do i mean economic atrophy, well,
their policies of offshoring jobs, increasing their wages,
fostering banking profits, increasing taxes upon the products
you buy, taxing you not just once,…. shall i continue or you got the
mental picture ?….
ie economic prosperity in reverse…..

Our coal can be dug up from the ground, transported to the
ports and shipped overseas, where its placed in overseas furnaces
to produce power, cheaper than australians are charged?
and the People put up with that?
Our food bows are being test drilled for a Gasland Scenario here along
The eastern seaboard of our great country not to mentioned Cubby Station
whilst farmers are detained for protecting their property ,
income and their siblings future?

Stop selling our land overseas

Electricity Increase Post Carbon Tax NSW

How Australia‘s Energy Prices Compare Internationally?

Cost of Living in Australia

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    Hi Peter of > ‘peters space’. I thought I was the only ‘Freedom Fighter’ & Anti-Minority Government Dissident in Australian ‘Cyber $pace’. I don’t know your degree of ‘Militancy’, but I believe in Freedom of $peech. “Far better I should die on my Feet, than live on my Knees” [Leonidas 1]

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