A colonists view on the state of the state


BIS (Photo credit: kyz)

Australia 2009

Australia 2009 (Photo credit: stoofstraat)

Our Situation As I see it Currently

As i see it currently Australians are under a “Red Fog”
of Owerllian media propoganda, vide the Heigelian Dialectic
of divide and conquor, so that first by inflation and then by
deflation, elitests can buy up a countries assetts for pennies on the dollar.

We saw Mz Gillards visit Sydney (rooty Hill)and with all the negative publicity re
ICAC enquiries,The Thompson and Slipper affairs,No carbon tax, Ect ect
and aparrently labour is leading in the polls??

We now live in a corporate run world.


Your government the Commonwealth of Australia
ABN 122 104 616 and registered with the
United States American Securities and Exchange Commission :No. 000 080 5157
whos financial statements go vide the SEC to the
Reserve Bank of New York, which is in turn oversighted by the BIS
whose share holders have ties to the UN ect.

Our own reserve bank along with the other Big 4 ,Commonwealth Bank,
Westpac bank, ANZ bankalong with many others who have made record profits
whilst Manufacturing and jobs go overseas Not helping our manufacturing
industries or the countries bottom line, are owned by,
If one follows the money, by the Varoius share holders of the
BIS and aassociated compnies/corporations.

Adgenda 21 is a Clepto corporate Socialist Fabian Authoritarian methodology
of rule outlined in EcoScience by John P.Holdren and others.



Australia is Oceania (yup just like in the Novel 1984 by George orwell),
This methodology, combined with the Huxley methods and a technical controld Grid of communications is on the
verge of a Number of the beast system, ie a cashless society, as each decade unfolds.
The boogy men of , Saddam Hussain and his invisible weapons it was alledged he had,
Binladen who was eliminated whthout trial for his alledged crimes
in the public interest , of course,
Giddaffi who was organising a monetary system inoposition to the Oil dollars market supremacy, untill,….

A Heigelian Dialetic of dividing, vida media hype, and Conquer/ distract the general community, whilst they push foward their
adgenda, Codex alimantarius

and the 6 Great frauds currently being foisted upon us

Our fortress is under attack

We the People of Australia make up the commonwealth of Australia,
Our servants are now corporate employees and as such are beholdent
to the share holders, Ie the NY Fed Reserve, the BIS and not we the people of the commonwealth
constituants, ie,.. like marmite employees, they are attempting to get Vegemite empolyees (us the people), to voluntarily agree to deduction from their wages,(the hard earnt sweat
from their brows) to assist the Marmite employees superanuation payments/payouts for their benefit later in life in opposition
to the quality fo life of the Vegemite  workers.




Australia’s 13 biggest mistakes
October 2006, Volume 58, Number 3



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5 Responses to A colonists view on the state of the state

  1. we as australians need to lift our heads above the “Red Fog” of distraction we are under similar to that of which the labour tory party did to london england with the Libor rip off, If our government is a corporation with an ABN whos financials are submitted to the Redral reserve in america whose oversighted by the Bank of International Settlements , we the people of the community who dont run the country yet make the country run vide our sweat and tears,are members of teh commonwealth, not members of their corporation , and as such like pepsie telling coke employees to do sometnhing we can give em the middle finger and say, prove your de jure & not a fiat representation of a proported serventuidnal government with a mandate

  2. pamea says:

    Destrution of our Live Meat Export by Tax Payer funded http://wwwl abc.net.au/4corners http://www.abc.net.au/ Government Corporate working against Australian Farmers who among other tax payers fund their very existance, in the name of our government! Be interesting to know who has invested in http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/4386933.stm and how much backing greenpeace gives the gm food industry, how much moneys donated to greenpeace also.?

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