Eugenicists Engaged in Mass Extermination

1802 caricature of Jenner vaccinating patients...

1802 caricature of Jenner vaccinating patients who feared it would make them sprout cowlike appendages. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CDC Director Gerberding Gives Green Light to G...

CDC Director Gerberding Gives Green Light to Gardasil then Goes to Work for Merck (g1a2d0049c1) (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)


Vaccines research at the NVGH

Vaccines research at the NVGH (Photo credit: Novartis AG)

Eugenicists Engaged in Mass Extermination with Soft Kill Weapons Exposed

Vaccine Damaged Babies ~ How The System Is Poisoning Us

Merck Vaccine Expert tells Truth about Vaccine Dangers
Gardasil‘s grim death toll is on the rise

Climbing numbers

After watching my video about the dangers of Gardasil, I received an e-mail from an HSI member named Tosca, who’s affiliated with the Renew-You Centre for Wellbeing and Longevity in Australia.

Tosca writes: “I would like to pass on the word re Gardasil to our patients. Can you let me know your sources for the statement that 32 girls have died?”

The source for all reported adverse effects linked to Gardasil is the FDA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). But unfortunately, 32 is no longer the total number of deaths associated with Gardasil. According VAERS, that number has climbed to 47.

And while the death of 47 young girls is the worst of it, there’s plenty more to dislike about this very dangerous vaccine.
Gardasil Vaccine Victims and Deaths – Did You Know?”

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This short powerpoint identifies the risks and benefits of Gardasil.
Parents sue after Quebec teen dies following Gardasil vaccination

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6 Responses to Eugenicists Engaged in Mass Extermination


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  2. Abridged –
    Following dictates of Ignatius Loyola’s “25 Sessions” and leadership of Superior General, the ultimate goal of this secret organization is to, “Destroy and rebuild the Temple of Solomon, reestablishing the seat of the Pope in Israel.”

    Historically, the Jesuit mission has been to eliminate Protestant Christianity throughout the world,
    with United States being the last frontier to be conquered. Contrary to the self-proclaimed mission to educate and assist the underprivileged in society, the Jesuits actually worship Lucifer (not Satan) and practice the most sadistic forms of human sacrifice, homosexuality, pedophilia, black
    magic, and murderThe Society employs a variety of ruthless tactics to accomplish its long-term goal (of a New World Order which pays homage to their Black Pope). One is carrying out political assassinations of world leaders who refuse to comply with its demands. These assassinations in the U.S. have included presidents (Abraham Lincoln, JFK), cabinet members, congressmen, senators, diplomats, journalists, scientists and religious and business leaders.

    Assassinations are carried out by the Intelligence agencies and their Mafia partners in the drug and gambling trades, often with collateral assistance from,
    Knights of Malta
    Knights of Columbus
    .~~ continued ~~

    Not my words: –

  3. PeterBDunn says:

    GAZA, The Untold Story with Max Igan
    FREEMASONRY, It’s Damned If It Does And Damned If It Doesn’t, Robert Sullivan IV
    PSYCHOPATHS, Protection From The Ones In The Truth Movement, Kira Young
    23 July 2014

    [audio src="" /]

    Youtube Versions:
    Max Igan:

    Max Igan &
    Having been to Gaza and witnessed the destruction first hand, it’s a very emotional issue for anyone to explore, Israel has always had the upper hand because the west is often unwilling to put itself int he line of fire to protect Palestinians, which is why it’s time to send a large contingent of international activists there to act as the world’s largest human shield, but would Israel still bomb Gaza anyway regardless of the potential western casualties and backlash?

    Robert Sullivan:
    Robert Sullivan
    Freemasonry is the worlds largest secret society with over 1 million members world wide, this makes it the target of much suspicion by the general public and the lack of transparency within the organization itself only seems to fuel this fire, but, despite the FACT that there are Freemasons who do commit horrific crimes and are responsible for some heinous acts of corruption, does this make every mason a scumbag? Hardly.

    Kira Young:
    Kira Young
    Psychopaths are certainly among us in the truth movement, how can we act to protect ourselves against their unwanted influence and still keep moving forward producing content that helps humanity despite sabotage?

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