Keiser Report: Constitution Fine Print (E422), meth lab homes & bitcoin

The Stooges read the fine print of their deed ...

The Stooges read the fine print of their deed in Bubble Trouble. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keiser Report: Constitution Fine Print (E422)

Published on 23 Mar 2013

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert
discuss central bankers injecting meth into their
eyeballs and Freddie Mac then pushing the meth labs
onto unsuspecting investors and homebuyers through
sales of foreclosures. They also discuss the bold print
of the Constitution that should trump the small print of
the so-called sacroscant contracts of collateralised
debt obligations and other bogus derivatives.
In the second half of the show, Max Keiser talks to
Marc Hochstein of about
whether or not bitcoin is a ponzi scheme and about
the issue of privacy in banking and financial transactions.

How does the Fine Print on their contracts Usurp the Bold Print of your Constitution? , and Human Rights?

So they can Fly around the World and Dine at the Finest resturants
Whilst others rummage throught dumpsters, So,… Whats austerity again ?

Official BTC Shop 10 bitcoin=$89.44
1 bitcoin=$11.99
5 bitcoin=$53.52
20 bitcoin=$157.89
30 bitcoin=$226.83
40 bitcoin=$282.55
50 bitcoin=$333.33

My dear fellow colonists dont let Australia become the Treasure Island
of the ECB the UN The EU or for that matter any Fabian socialist technocratic
Authoritarian clepto corporate red masonic scumbaggery pirateism upon
the wealth of your great country

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3 Responses to Keiser Report: Constitution Fine Print (E422), meth lab homes & bitcoin

  1. pamea says:

    ” the government needs to open the books on Al Qaeda now, and prosecute all those who had a hand in this charade – especially the entire Bush family. The public also needs to begin to demand answers about that obscene little phrase: “Links to Al Qaeda!” We deserve to have those “links” spelled out in specific detail, or have the mention of them dropped from any and all future reports emanating from this mythical bogeyman that has proved to be such a boon to thieves who inhabit Washington D.C. today.
    kirwan ~~” Boom of Thieves occupy all Countries ~ Pamea
    Blame the Bogie Man.

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