Are You busy Navel gazing?

‘Why act in a deceptive manner unless it is to make more money out of us?’: Products are getting smaller while the price you pay stays the same
Ex-CNN Reporter: I Received Orders to Manipulate News on Syria and Iran

March 31, 2013 – Ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon revealed that during her work for the channel she received orders to send false news and exclude some others which the US administration did not favor with the aim to create a public opinion in favor of launching an aggression on Iran and Syria.

Lyon was quoted by the Slovak main news website as saying that the mainstream US media outlets intentionally work to create a propaganda against Iran to garner public opinion’s support for a military invasion against it.

She revealed that the scenario used before launching the war on Iraq is being prepared to be repeated where Iran and Syria are now being subject to constant ‘demonization’.

The former reporter clarified that the CNN channel manipulates and fabricates news and follows selectiveness when broadcasting news, stressing that the Channel receives money from the U.S. government and other countries’ governments in exchange for news content

Israel Coordinated Syrian Airstrike with Jihadists

Published on 7 May 2013

Israel’s airstrike on Syria was timed to precede an Al-Qaeda-led rebel offensive against President Bashar Al-Assad‘s forces according to Egyptian and Jordanian intelligence sources, underscoring once again how jihadists are doing the dirty work of the very powers they claim to oppose.

“Israel’s air strike in Syria today was coordinated with Turkey, which in turn coordinated rebel attacks throughout Syria timed to coincide with the Israeli strike,” sources told WABC host and New York Times bestselling author Aaron Klein.

Although the Syrian rebels were not given advance knowledge of the Israeli attack, they were specifically told when to launch new offensives in order to take advantage of the airstrike, which according to reports killed at least 100 Syrian Army troops.

“Almost the moment the Israel Air Force departed was the moment the rebel advance began,” the Egyptian intelligence source told Klein.

In the weeks preceding the airstrike, the Syrian Army had scored notable victories against FSA rebels, taking back central areas of Homs just days before the attack. But the Israeli offensive greased the skids for militants to use, “access roads to advance toward Damascus,” where they launched, “heavy clashes with Syrian military forces throughout the country,” including in “northeast Rankous in Damascus; Daraya city in the Damascus countryside; and also in the villages of Homs, al-Alqamieh, Tunaibeh and Menneg in the Aleppo countryside.”

Defense Against the Psychopath – Stefan Verstappen on GRTV
Bank profits are welcome but not a signal the boom is back

‘Appalling irresponsibility’: Senior scientists attack Chinese researchers for creating new strains of influenza virus in veterinary laboratory

Experts warn of danger that the new viral strains created by mixing bird-flu virus with human influenza could escape from the laboratory to cause a global pandemic killing millions of people.

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