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‘Appalling irresponsibility’: Senior scientists attack Chinese researchers for creating new strains of influenza virus in veterinary laboratory

Experts warn of danger that the new viral strains created by mixing bird-flu virus with human influenza could escape from the laboratory to cause a global pandemic killing millions of people.

“The Primary Owners of the Federal Reserve Bank Are:
1. Rothschild’s of London and Berlin
2. Lazard Brothers of Paris
3. Israel Moses Seaf of Italy
4. Kuhn, Loeb & Co. of Germany and New York
5. Warburg & Company of Hamburg, Germany
6. Lehman Brothers of New York
7. Goldman, Sachs of New York
8. Rockefeller Brothers of New York
All the primary owners are branches of European establishments. Foreigners control the United States Money supply. They literally own exclusive rights to the dollar and simply enter dollars into their banks books to make money which they then lend back to us at a profit. For them money does not grow on trees, it is simply a data entry into their account. Clearly the private ownership of the U.S. Dollar is by far The Greatest Crime of the Century. The owners of this bank have been responsible for instigating all the major wars and depressions in the last 100 years. They own the bank, they own the dollar and they own all the major media channels, the military industrial complex and most politicians, judges and cops.
Sometimes the bank pays an arbitrary ‘franchise fee’ to the U.S. government to keep the politicians paid off. ” Ex-CNN Reporter: I Received Orders to Manipulate News on Syria and Iran
March 31, 2013 – Ex-CNN reporter Amber Lyon revealed that during her work for the channel she received orders to send false news and exclude some others which the US administration did not favor with the aim to create a public opinion in favor of launching an aggression on Iran and Syria.
Lyon was quoted by the Slovak main news website as saying that the mainstream US media outlets intentionally work to create a propaganda against Iran to garner public opinion’s support for a military invasion against it.
She revealed that the scenario used before launching the war on Iraq is being prepared to be repeated where Iran and Syria are now being subject to constant ‘demonization’.
The former reporter clarified that the CNN channel manipulates and fabricates news and follows selectiveness when broadcasting news, stressing that the Channel receives money from the U.S. government and other countries’ governments in exchange for news content INSIGHTS AND DATA

The motion for a resolution has been ignored since 1999 and until this day, which elicits an acute lack of democratic rights, democratic instruments, as well as an acute lack of transparency within the European Union.
The motion for a resolution has been ignored despite the fact that it demanded an exacting investigation of its findings on military experiments being carried out in the atmosphere, despite the fact that it emphasized the need for protection of the population, public health and the environment, and despite the fact that it highlighted the need for citizens to be given the means to determine the purpose, extent, and significance of these experiments. Since 1999 however, no measure for securing transparency has been adopted.
What has happened since 1999 however, is that there has occurred a significant distribution of disinformation about the military´s atmospheric experiments, which indicates that well proven and highly effective techniques of social engineering by misinformation and by positioning concerned citizens as objects of ridicule have been implemented, along with European Union members governments consequent denial of the obvious, which is visible for everyone who observes the sky above Europe on a standard day.
The motion for a resolution was also ignored despite of the fact that evidence was presented at the conference of how the atmosphere of the Earth has become a terrain for experimentation, which is threatening public health, evidence for the clandestine spraying with substances of unknown composition and for undisclosed purposes. Studies which have been part of the presented evidence have documented the increased presence of aluminium and other metals in the environment. So far, no peer reviewed studies about the long-term effect on human health and the environment have been published, while the spraying continues with increased intensity.
Lack of the most elementary precautionary principles. Both the 1999 and the 2013 conference condemned the sophisticated military activity which is being carried out in defiance of the most elementary precautionary principles. The conference also addressed new weapons systems which focus on the military use of the ionosphere, such as the HAARP program, based in Alaska, and its pendant near the Norwegian city of Troms and elsewhere.
The participants of the conference demanded, that the motion of 14 January 1999 be implemented, given the abundance of documentary evidence existing today, that underlines the seriousness of the problem. The conference participants emphasized, that the European Parliament has at its disposal the legal instrument of the parliamentary committee of inquiry and the demand was submitted, that such a committee be established without further delay.
Absent substantial public pressure or a catastrophic development however, even a parliamentary inquiry is unlikely to yield results which would protect the population from the effects of continued military experimentation. An acute lack of democratic instruments within the EU system, the delegation of important decisions to un-elected commissioners being one of them, the lack of the EU parliament and EU citizens influence over NATO led military activities being the other, and a general lack of transparency with regard to classified military operations in EU countries in general are only a few of the primary stumbling blocks for progress with regard to the question of geo-engineering and weather modification. That is, in spite of the fact that these operations or experiments may have a direct impact on the general population. Participants of the conference emphasized the need for public information and initiative.
Some of the speakers at the conference indicated, that they will attempt to draw the attention of the European public opinion to what they perceive as violation of European principles, as an attack on the environment and health of citizens, and as silence of complicity by concealment of extremely serious wrongdoing, involving legal and penal responsibility.

The FBI is the same piece of slime that has claimed, those that claim to be a free and sovereign people are terrorist now. Has America gone nuts.
The FDA is the same agency that clauses thousands of deaths if not millions, by suppressing natural remedies given us by our Creator, to bolster the profits of Federal supported drug pushers and there endless toxic drugs with endless side effects. The evidence of this statement can be endlessly supported in history of the last one hundred years.

FDA, FBI raid natural cancer treatment clinic in Tulsa without due
cause; force patients to leave without medicine needed for survival
Tuesday, May 07, 2013 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
Learn more:

(NaturalNews) A medical clinic in America’s heartland that utilizes
natural rather than toxic methods to treat cancer patients is under
attack by the American police state oligarchy, according to new reports.
As publicized by Tulsa, Okla.-based, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently sent agents to the Camelot Cancer Care center in Tulsa to conduct an unprovoked raid, upon which these agents
temporarily shut down the clinic and stole medicine that had already
been purchased by patients for treatment.
Camelot Cancer Care describes itself as an alternative cancer care clinic that harnesses
the power of Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO), vitamin C, vitamin B12, vitamin
D3, glutathione, methylglyoxal, and various other vitamins, minerals,
and electrolytes in the treatment of patients with cancer. All of the
clinic’s treatment methods are non-toxic – and even though it is not
stated on the center’s website, these natural treatment methods far
outperform the conventional model of loading cancer patients up with
chemotherapy chemicals and toxic radiation for supposed “treatment.”
Even though the FDA and FBI have thus far refused to give a legitimate explanation as to why they raided Camelot around 11 a.m. on April 23, 2013, without due cause, says an insider source revealed to the station that the clinic’s
alleged use of a substance known as vitamin B17, or Laetrile, was what
prompted the federal government to flex its authoritarian muscles by
terrorizing the clinic.
As explained in a 2011 blog posting on Camelot’s website, vitamin B17 (Laetrile) is a natural molecule that contains the simple sugar glucose, hydrogen cyanide, and benzaldehyde. When cancer cells intake Laetrile and try to metabolize it, the cyanide and
benzaldehyde kill it naturally without causing side effects. And the
best part about Laetrile is that it is completely non-toxic to healthy
cells, which means it is in a therapeutic class of its own.
You can read more about how vitamin B17 (Laetrile) and vitamin C fight cancer naturally by visiting:

Government thugs mindlessly obey orders to destroy safe, all-natural cancer treatmentsCamelot has been safely and effectively treating patients for years, which
completely debunks any alleged claims that these abusive government
agencies initiated the recent raid out of concern for patient safety. The real reason for this unprovoked
display of brute force by mindless government thugs is that vitamin B17
is natural, it actually works, and it is not officially approved by the
FDA as a treatment for cancer.
to stop this highly effective and far less expensive cancer treatment
from gaining popularity, the pharmaceutical cartel once again called
upon its taxpayer-funded police force – the FDA and FBI – to terrorize innocent Americans under the guise of protecting public
health. And in the process, they stole life-saving medicines from
patients that had already paid for them, including from a man named Sam
Bass whose wife desperately needs Laetrile and the other medicines in
order to survive.
“Listen, my wife’s dying, and we don’t want to
go with chemotherapy and radiation,” said Sam Bass to reporters. “She
just couldn’t tolerate the surgeries anymore, so we went natural, changed her diet. It’s a natural route that I’ve done a lot of research on.”
wife is dying of cancer and, for us, this was a hope and they took our
hope away,” he added. “They took our rights … for me and my wife to
choose how to treat her. I just want my wife to get well. I’ve got three
kids at home, and they need their mom. I need my wife.”

Help support Yvonne Bass get the natural cancer treatments she needs by donating to her fundraising pageThe Bass family is currently in the process of raising much-needed funds to help this beautiful mother and wife get the natural treatments she
needs to fight and hopefully cure her cancer. You can view the Yvonne
Bass fundraising page and help support this endeavor by visiting:
You can also learn more about the Camelot Cancer Care clinic by visiting:
Learn more:
Marijuana cures cancer – US government has known since 1974 ……/marijuana-cures-cancer…

4 Jan 2010 – Must-hear, brand new interview with Rick Simpson,
famous for his cancer curing “Hemp Oil” Biochemist who
cured his stage 4 prostate cancer …

How Marijuana Fights Cancer
NSW inquiry on medical use of marijuana$File/Medical+cannabis,+Issues+Backgrounder+Feb+2013.pdf

Premier of New South Wales, News Release, ‘Government to consider cannabis for medicinal

purposes’, 19 October 1999.


The list of findings does not appear in exactly the same form in the Report of the Working

Party on the Use of Cannabis for Medical Purposes, but reflects the content of Volume I:

Executive Summary, ‘2. Key Findings of the Working Party’, August 2000.The list is adopted

from: Inquiry into the Use of Cannabis for Medical Purposes, Report on Consultation on the

Findings and Recommendations of the Working Party on the Use of Cannabis for Medical

Purposes, July 2001, Office of Drug Policy (The Cabinet Office), p 3.


Bob Carr, ‘Cannabis Medical Use’, Questions Without Notice, NSWPD, 20 May 2003, p 697,

cited in R Johns, Medical cannabis programs: a review of selected jurisdictions, p. 16.


R Johns, Medical cannabis programs: a review of selected jurisdictions, pp. 16-17.

Current Parliament of Australia – ABN 52 997 141 147, private corporation, subsidiary company of COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA corporation. )
Department of the House of Representatives Creation Date: 1 January 1901 Established By/Under: Parliamentary Service Act 1999, section 54 Annual Report Tabled: Yes, section 65 of the Parliamentary Service Act 1999 GFS Classification: GGS Materiality: Small ABN: 18 526 287 740 Web Site:

Department of Parliamentary Services Creation Date: 1 February 2004 Established By/Under: Parliamentary Service Act 1999, section 54 and resolutions passed by both Houses Annual Report Tabled: Yes, section 65 of the Parliamentary Service Act 1999 GFS Classification: GGS Materiality: Material ABN: 52 997 141 147 Web Site:

for loss of freedom and property.
Don’t blame our Labor or Lib/Nat Gov’s as they have already sold us out while we were all asleep, Since the Whitlam Labour Government, Australia has also been sold out, and registered as a Corporation. ; They are not the people who will lock us up, and what’s more, they don’t know about these prison installations, and the MEDIA are complicent being very quiet about it; We are now under a UN ‘CORPORATION REGISTERED NUMBER’ and our Gov’ is nothing more than the caretaker to sell off all public owned assets such as ‘Water’ – ‘Electricity’ – ‘Rail and transport’ – ‘Ports and Shipping’ – etc. before UN takeover and the proclamation of the NEW laws which will take effect immediately. If you don’t like it, you’ll get locked up.
In the December 8 2009 writ the applicants demand that the executive government of Australia ‘cease all operations that are carried out under the Commonwealth of Australia ABN 122 104 616 and registered with the United States American Securities and Exchange Commission :
No. 000 080 5157 and further command them to dissolve their subsidiary companies being;
The State of New South Wales ABN 066561153
The State of Victoria ABN 054558619
The State of Queensland ABN 066 102930
The State of South Australia ABN 050208921
The State of Western Australia ABN 072526008
The State of Tasmania ABN 053201308
The Trustees of Northern Territory Government ABN 09059854’

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  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Please also see :

    Leon is joined by Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network as they discuss the latest Declaration of War by the Murdoch Press through the Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Telegraph against “Vaccine Refusers.” The ‘No Jab, No Play’ campaign is designed to intimidate and coerce parents who are ‘Conscientious Objectors’ into vaccinating their children.

    The Corporate Media is marching in lockstep with Big Pharma and the Medical Cartel in promoting the use of barriers and isolation to parents and children. This is an ongoing campaign of fear and intimidation used by Criminal Corporate Syndicates against the freedoms and natural rights of humanity. This campaign reveals that Corporate Media, Corporate Government and Corporate Big Pharma are conspiring and participating in a promotion and protection racket against the people who choose freedom over blind obedience.
    9.05.13 Vaccine Wars – Meryl Dorey 43m

  2. arkofgod says:

    great site. I will take some time 2 go try the headlines, they say so much of current times….. a controlled by few and Godless society. God Bless

  3. PeterBDunn says:
    Sydney’s cost of living, traditionally higher than in any other Australian capital city, now runs at anywhere from $2100 to almost $5000 a year more than any other capital city.

    The financial pressure this places on Sydney is obvious, from real estate and rental markets throughout the rest of our state’s economic structure. And, although Sydney wages are higher than in those other capitals, those wages don’t cover the cost of living gap.

    a grab bag of taxes and excises, including $6 billion in excise on petrol, $6 billion from ciggies and $2 billion from beer.

    The much-discussed carbon and mining taxes were only ever expected to pull in $4 billion and $3 billion a year respectively. And that money has all but disappeared.

    The Top 10 biggest Federal Government spending items:

    $376 billion
    Total spending in 2012-13, as forecast last December

    $37 billion
    Aged pension

    $20 billion
    Family tax benefits

    $18 billion
    Medicare services

    $15 billion
    Disability support pension

    $10 billion
    Pharmaceutical benefits scheme

    $9 billion
    The dole

    $8 billion
    Money for private schools

    $8 billion
    Residential aged care

    $7 billion
    Funding for universities

    $7 billion
    Public sector superannuation

    In Australia, it has already seen two cases referred for criminal investigation and 30 audits begun on about 65 cases that have red flags under the banner of Project Wickenby.

    A Sydney company with more than $20 million in offshore loans is among those being probed.

    It’s alleged to have claimed millions in false interest expenses because the offshore lender is actually controlled by the company’s owners.

    And a Melbourne man, who claims $25 million in share transactions he made were for overseas clients, not himself, is being audited.

    Deputy Commissioner Greg Williams said most of those identified were believed to be the ultra wealthy, rather than criminal enterprises.

    “Doing this, from a tax point of view, is criminal,” he said.

    “People that are worth even single digit millions – three, four, five million – we’ve seen involved in this sort of thing all the way through to perhaps more high profile people that are worth considerably more than that.”

    Mr Williams said people would be warned by mail to turn themselves in and up to an 80 per cent discount on penalties imposed was possible.

    “You may believe that you are flying under the radar and you are invisible but this is just evidence that that isn’t the case,” he

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