Spoof Trades, Bogus Securities and Fictitious Capital

Keiser Report: Whimsical Price Tyranny (E446)

Published on 18 May 2013

“In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert examine
stories about those who, using spoof trades, bogus securities and
fictitious capital, steal real wealth and income. They discuss how it is
that every benchmark index is rigged and introduce the concept of the
‘bonus benchmark.’ In the second half, Max talks to Dr. Michael Hudson,
author of The Bubble and Beyond, about debt and wage deflation and
about the intersection of interest rates and wages going back to
David Ricardo when wages were measured against the price of
bread to today when they are measured against the price of debt.”

Their discressionary price adjustments/fixing set by insiders
are denigrating your siblings future! like Paulson and his mates.
Remember well Australia is currently enduring all time high debts also !
See the elitests Forced Debt plan, Libor, MF Global, and now similar methodologies foisted upon the
Land Down Under also! So Workers toil from Monday to Wednesday for the banks
and Thurdsay and fridays $ they get to keep for them selves that they spend on leisure
activities on the weekend , groundhog day sound familiar?


Philadelphia Fed president Charles Plosser had already hinted at a potential tapering out of the US central bank’s QE stimulus.

Too Rich To Pay: UK giants slash tax bills amid tense austerity

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