John Searl and his free energy Machine Watch NOW

Searl Effect Generator

Searl Effect Generator (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


John Searl and his free energy Machine Watch NOW

Hundreds of millions of people all over the world now share John Searl’s dream. “Imagine” – no more oil spills destroying the environment; no more gas guzzling cars, trucks and machinery polluting the atmosphere; a world with no polluting coal emissions; a clean planet with no more environmental degradation.

John Searl’s Searl Effect Generator (SEG) is a revolutionary device that we believe will soon provide safe, clean energy 24 hours a day, every day – a power source that is totally “clean and green,” reliable, efficient and unlimited. With many years of research already behind the SEG, Searl Magnetics Inc. (SMI) is nearing the finality of the R&D stage, and will next be embarking on the manufacturing stage.

In February 2012 a new corporate structure for the US operation was decided and a new company Searl Technology Inc. (STI) was formed with SMI being a subsidiary, along with a new entity Searl Aerospace Inc. In August the six Directors, who included John Searl, invited me to join the Board, and since then I have had the pleasure of working with a great team of well credentialed and creative professionals.

In November 2012 I went with a fellow Searl Technology Australia Director to the SMI facility with a member of a large Australian Investment Group. The meeting with other STI Directors was very successful and a further visit by other members of the Australian Investment Group will occur in January 2013.

I had the pleasure of attending the first AGM of SMI on 2 June 2011 in Spring Valley CA. USA, and am now delighted to introduce Australians to what I believe is a very exciting technology that could assist us in our endeavours for a “clean and green” planet.

I now invite you to be part of this exciting project that could also reap future financial rewards.

Alan Fleming
Chief Executive Officer
Searl Technology Australia Pty Ltd

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4 Responses to John Searl and his free energy Machine Watch NOW

  1. cadmar1944 says:

    Hello Peter the first video on the page says ‘video does not exist’ so has youtube
    decided to censor you and stop people watching that video, does not surprise me as
    they appear to be under control of the cabal.

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