Attention cbus Membes re my attempts to access Super vide Hardship

Corner of Russell Street and Lonsdale Street i...

Corner of Russell Street and Lonsdale Street in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cbus is making advice more accessible with the expansion of our financial planning service. Members will be able to receive face-to-face advice in three new regions including Wollongong, Newcastle (NSW) and Frankston (VIC).”

I rang today 4/6/13, 1.30pm,

asked to get put thru to the Wollongong office got told there isn’t one ?

“The advice is via appointment only, as financial planners service the areas on demand and the offices are not permanently staffed.

Similar arrangements exist in Geelong, Traralgon (VIC), Paramatta (NSW), Canberra (ACT), Port Pirie (SA), Launceston and Devonport (TAS).

Click here to see a full list of Cbus financial planners.

Contact our Service Centre on 1300 361 784 to book an appointment at one of our regional locations.

Cbus financial planners are representative of Industry Fund Financial Planning, a division of Industry Fund Services Limited (IFS), Licensee for Advice, ABN 54007016195, AFSL 232514. IFS Registered Business Office – Casselden Place, Level 31, 2 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000″


The conditions you must meet

Your age

under age 55

1. You have been on an eligible Commonwealth Government income support payment for a continuous period of 26 weeks; and
2. You were in receipt of these payments on the date that written evidence was provided from the Government department or agency administering your payment; and
3. You are unable to meet reasonable and immediate family living expenses.

age 55 and 39 weeks or over 1. You have been on an eligible Commonwealth Government income support payment for a cumulative period of 39 weeks after you turned 55 years of age; and
2. You are not gainfully employed on a full or part-time basis on the date of the application for your benefit.

Commonwealth Government income support payment means, an income support supplement, service pension, social security benefit or a social security pension.

The written evidence of proof of income support payment is only valid for 21 days.
If Cbus receives the documentation after 21 days from the date of the written evidence, the claim cannot be assessed. In this instance you must then seek new evidence and re-submit the claim.
Contact Cbus on 1300 361 784 if you require more information.”

letter recieved 23 april 2013

returned 25/ 4 /13
Ph enq 17/5/13 & 24/5/13

on 24/5 it was intimated a letter was sent on 8/5/13 i’m still waiting
birth cert mailed as per request on 25/5/13 by snail mail

rang 1.30p, 4/6/13 spoke to Anthony informed letter sent to me 28/5/13 , hmmmm

(E mail sent to c bus complaints dept as no other e mail supplied)
for information Gareth Hitchman,(17/5/13),

( copy of what sent to them,…..)
please find attached a copy of my birth registration as you all edge you require for release of my monies into the pre nominated account you have in the paperwork I have previously forwarded to C bus office

please be advised this should suffice instead of awaiting the snail mail process :-/

Ph no

After my initial received letter,  above, I went and obtained my  Pension details, my Medicare details ,as outlined in their letter  above to me including obtaining a Justice of the Peace verification that a centrelink document originated from centerlink, and I waited the 3 to seven working days as explained to me vide a Phone conversation on the 17 May 2013.

On the 24 May 2013 I rang, inputted my member number along with my date of birth and enquired as to how my application was going.

It was intimated to me that they cbus didn’t know who I was?? and they required my birth certificate, so I mailed same to them the next day.

on  24/5/13  whilst speaking with the female receptionist re her requests for further
identification papers i asked ”
If this is our final transaction as i am applying for my
account to be finalised ie deposited into my nominated account,
What does c bus do with all the documents re my identy ?”
the answer i was given was
“We dont have to answer that”
so my agent, after one rings them, asks for ones member number, then key in ones date of birth and press the hash tag
then they ask who they are talking to?  yet they wont supply  the caller with their surnames dates of
birth  addresses or other pertinent details they require from their customers??

After another phone call Today when speaking  with Anthony I asked him if he knew the definition of Stealing/Theft  and Fraud as i feel it is Cruel and unusual treatment or you  to,

have my tax file No,

my pension No and associated details

My date of birth and applicable certificate

My drivers licence and detals

and purport that you dont know who I am ?

and now I ‘m told that after being evicted from my flat

for asking the New South Wales Department of Housing re my water literage usage “Proof of same ” and

being made homeless ,

I have to prove I have an outstanding debt, to actually,  after all this time and identifiction papers sent,  qualify for my own savings to be released to me for my transport needs.

Isnt the definition of theft:  keeping someones property from them frm time A to time b for what ever reason ?

And fraud  purporting you don’t know who some on is, when you have all their identification papers,… like  a big NAZI!!


I told you  vide  a telephonic device I would  be blogging the great Customer service and ease of transactions  a C bus customer gets!!

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4 Responses to Attention cbus Membes re my attempts to access Super vide Hardship

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    When on makes a deposit into ones C Bus account do they require ones full identity re the deposit ? or only to get you own monies back when you need it !! Clepto coporate authoritarian fabian methodology to keep monies in a n account to maxamise their interest rate creaming! :-/

    • PeterBDunn says:

      So I rings Cbus again about 2pm today 11/6/13, I speaks with Vernon < who really showed some service,… I let it rip wit my dissatisfaction with C bus and my identity, I was informed a letter was sent to me on 17/ may 13 but to this date I havnt received same so Vernon is arrangeing for another application to be sent to me since the 21 day period has expired, so here we go around the mulberry bush again, will update when If application successful this time and how long it takes!

      • PeterBDunn says:

        Just another case of the pharacies and saduscees passing the camel
        through the eye of the needle, except in this case its a disabled
        pensioner ,..

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