The Real Consequences of Bilderberg

Vice President Nelson Rockefeller with Secreta...

Vice President Nelson Rockefeller with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, January 3, 1975. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Real Consequences of Bilderberg

Published on 4 Jun 2013

If you want to see the real consequences of Bilderberg, look at its plans that have come to fruition — austerity and loss of national sovereignty and democracy in Europe, the massive transfer of wealth and manufacturing from American to the communist elite in China.

Frequent attendee Henry Kissinger has been involved in secret wars, military coups, CIA torture and terrorism — all of which have caused the loss of tens of thousands of lives. But the machinations of his mentor David Rockefeller and the manipulations of the central banks could, if not stopped, cause worldwide economic disaster, famine and war.

See the cookie cutter methodologies,(here  in Australia),

Julias monies for a temporary seat,

Clover Moor meeting with N Rothschild not to mention billy gates and julias agreement without a mandate from their employers you and me who actually make up the great Commonwealth Of Australia to whome their respective oaths of office chain them to constitutional requirements not clepto corporate  profit based  systems of methodologes   time to get out from under that  comfortable watermelon of  a rock ya been livin under ay ??

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