A Dodo End Users (latley daily) experience

For the Past few days from the 16 /7/13 , in particular, and over the past few months generally,
the below, has been par for the course, even after ringing dodo e – mailing dodo and complaining, checking with telstra re area dropouts
so i deciede to record a days unlimited internet experience dodo provides to its end users, in particular this one.

19/july 2013

about 9.55am today i rang dodo help centre re connections issues
after being told it was my ethernet cable from my phone line, to my modem, that was the problem, as it was causing my adsl light
to flicker on and off instead of being stable gren light,
my pointing out to them it worked last night, & 5 mins ago, and is still in near new condition,
i was hung up on by dodo staff due to my asking questions of the technician.
(so much for duty of care, well take your money and thats that)
as no connection i scanned disk doctored and had to reboot machine.
11.07am 18/7/13 finally im back online,..(updating this as i go) hang on ……oh another drop out and i
just got my connection up sighhhh
11.08 its back again here we go around their mulberry bush
so i try to sign into email and radio drops out and ……… i delete the junk e mail
then more connection problems page wont do anything refresh refresh
then in middle of sending a an email another drop out no connection far out
scan with advanced windows care , fixed it , 11.27am, connected for about 2 minuets enough to send one e mail sign out go to yahoo
then i lost page of yahoo e mails & radio (media player) its saying im connected by NO Networking ??? started
again bk on 11.32a and untill about 11.58am
we enjoyed a short time of surfing untill networkin Stolen again turned modems off.




tride again at 12.19pm,…. no internet access so run net diagnostics, power downmodems wait 30 seconds and try
again ( here we go around the mulberry bush, who put the hole in the bucket?)
(im wondering is the heigelian dialetic of divide and conquor being used by the NSW Labor party
to cause problems with peoples adsl copper networkset up so they more easily acept the nbn higher priced rip?)
,… 12.24pm a working internet connection
for how long ?….. untill 12.27pm then networking ceases again sighhhhh,….
got it back 12,28pm (cruel and unusual treatment, theft and fraud proporting an unlimited service?)
12.32pm finally completed a google+ entry sighhh half an hour to do so grrrrr
12.35pm attempt to blog same article on word press,…lost connection then,…bk 12.37p, (?)
still waiting for blog to complete uploading ect 12.46pm sighh,…..
12.49pm lost conn and blog page ….FFS…. so a virus scan,… and waiting for page to refresh ,….
its now 1.06pm and for some fracking reason im still waiting for some fracking service so i canfinish myh
blog i started nearlyhu half an hr ago ( a typical days usage being a Dodo customer frack)
1.16pm finally the blog page has loaded finally YA CALL THIS SERVICE I DONT
1.20pm the machine finally seems to be holding its network connection, for how long??

umtil 1.30p, when i lost audio and nowit wont connect again to my homepage for cryin out loud !!

refresh and its bk,……… so i go to my cafe , have to refresh the page some 5times to get it to work
the connection is soooo crapppp i turned the machine off fracking frustration u suk




I have never had to fight so hard. scan virus check, run troubleshooting diagnostic,
Just to keep my internet connection constant.
this is scumbaggery of the highest degree by the purpotrator whoever they are !

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3 Responses to A Dodo End Users (latley daily) experience

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    My computer connection problems, days linked

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    A week ago I rang dodo spoke with a female technician who ran me through the modem wizard set up procedure, then they attack my modem and say its broken or your cabel is, but after ringing dodo this morning, and after being hung up, on I was given the Ph no to the modem manufacturer and after a short time of reconfiguring the modem, my internet is working as fast as new again, so nothings broken or a cabel doesn’t need replacing some hacker stuffed with my modem settings,… hmmmmmm

  3. PeterBDunn says:

    about 13 august one rings dodo re address change to enable line provisioning ect, my contract was still valid for some 8 more months, but because of a change from the metropolitan hub to the regional hub ? they cancelled my $39.00 p mth Internet provider service charge to $69.00 p mth
    How can they cancel a contract without penalty yet if the customer attempts to exit the contract there’s a $1,700.00 fine they propourt your privy to endure?
    due to charges increasing I advised them of my regular pension payment day and advised them to wait until my next payment to avoid a dishonor fee from my bank, but I still get a dishonor fee thanks for the customer service once again.
    on 27/9/13 some how I lost the task bar and the ability to click on the task bar menu in controle panel (back door hacking) and I lost my computer and had to re configure everything. If you did this YOUR a Scum bag .

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