Rena Iliades & Please Explain

English: In Australia, on November 11 1975, th...

English: In Australia, on November 11 1975, the Gough Whitlam Labor government was dismissed by the Governor-General, Sir John Kerr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Pirates of the Suburbs 2- Rena Iliades

Rena Iliades Direct Democracy Groups joins Leon to discuss her new Documentary ‘Pirates of the Suburbs 2’. Rena is part of an active research community in Melton that are asking questions of Local Council regarding all their activities that continue without the consent of the people.

The people are standing up in Resistance to exercise their God given natural lawful ability to speak and question how a collective group that call themselves an authority, can make any by-law or regulation to bolster their authority on any matter. The heart of the issue is a Tyrannical system endeavoring to silence questions that reveal corruption, collusion and treason against the people.

25.07.13 Pirates of the Suburbs mp3 – Renal Iliades

Explain to me your alledged rights to/of, power and controle over me

when in 1972 gough whitlam converted the government into a corporation

you civil servants are bound by the chains of our origional constitution.
Instead you take the peoples monies like an,
indentured servant, then turn around and alldege that your employment status gives you some
propourted authority over those that pay your wages vide their taxes.
Beware the government becomming like criminals, who are bound by law,
yet ignore it, like government ignoring the constitutional chains that bind them to the peoples will,
not the corporations will over their employees.

You sepent our collective childrens future fund, Your selling off our heritage, lands and soverignty
to overseas forigen banking families. WHY?

As such i demand that you prove that you are a dejure government, employee
in that you conform to the origional consititution of 1901 and you obey your mission statements statements of values
national and international agreements of human /water/life, rights , and you have 29 days to do so
other wise silence will be deemed as consent that you admit that you arnt a dejure government
for more info go to

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3 Responses to Rena Iliades & Please Explain

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Rothschild Conspiracy International Banking Cartel and The Federal Reserve

  2. PeterBDunn says:
    Keiser Report – Episode 475
    Published on 25 Jul 2013

    In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss vertically integrated trusts in the commodity markets which need to be busted up ala Teddy Roosevelt. They also examine Goldman Sachs’ low frequency trading in Detroit and the ‘market making’ excuse for the aluminum scandal. In the second half, Max talks to Mitch Feierstein of about the debt fuelled faux recovery, discount rate desperation, Jon Corzine rolling off the page with $1.6 billion in customer funds and the Brezhnev of Wall Street.

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