Political Earth & The Purge

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  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to execute faceless 42 hacks

    THE 42 faceless men and women in charge of the disgraced NSW Labor Party will be sacked by the end of the year.

    All new officials on the ruling body will be limited to serving two years, in a bid to stamp out factional control of the party.
    A secret report to be handed to the Prime Minister and the ALP’s national executive today has confirmed a new administrative committee will be elected to run the NSW branch in a bid to break union control.
    The findings of the controversial report are expected to be enforced by the national executive ahead of the damning report into NSW Labor corruption to be handed down by ICAC tomorrow.

    national secretary George Wright and the NSW party boss Sam Dastyari, admits the allegations of corruption against former powerbrokers Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald had shocked the party into action.
    “Revelations in ICAC regarding the actions of a small number of individuals within the Labor Party has shocked the community and brought shame to our party,” the report says.
    “The Prime Minister has directed the NSW branch to take action to ensure we have zero tolerance of corruption.”
    Under the rule changes voted on and accepted by the ALP’s rules committee late last week, court challenges will be allowed for members disputing decisions by the ruling body.
    Unions will be restricted to 50 per cent of the body’s new administrative committee, expected to be elected at a NSW state conference to be held before the end of the year

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