Iron Poisoning & Copper Deficiency

Schematic diagram of electron transport in com...

Schematic diagram of electron transport in complex IV () of the mitochondrial . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Ring sideroblasts: abnormal depositio...

English: Ring sideroblasts: abnormal deposition of iron in the mitochondria of red cell precursors forming a ring around the nucleus. Português do Brasil: Sideroblastos em anel: depósito anormal de ferro nas mitocôndrias de eritroblastos formando um anel ao redor do núcleo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Crude death rate by country

Crude death rate by country (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Iron Poisoning & Copper Deficiency

Iron Poisoning & Copper Deficiency

Iron is NOT a nutrient, it is a poison. Iron replaces copper in the blood and tissue proteins and accumulates in multiple locations of the body, causing destruction and accelerating aging. Bio-available copper must be replenished to restore health and longevity – to repair the DNA damage.

May-2013: Death Rate – 15, Birth Rate – 7, population decreased by 1.6-1.7 million in 2012 (United States)
The abomination that causes desolation (depopulation) spoken of through the prophet Daniel;

The number of the mounted troops is 200 million: Population Countdown

Blood Types & Disease, Symptoms, Conditions Indicate Iron Poisoning: Nearly 95% of the population, who have alkaline blood type A and O and the acidic blood type B, have iron poisoning and copper deficiency. Iron has accumulated due to iron, iron uptake facilitators and copper depleters that have been added to the food and water supply. ( USDA Food Supply Nutrient (1909-2005) Schedules) Blood type distribution correlates to iron poisoning prevalence in a population: types A, B & O over A, B & O plus AB (AB is not poisoned, 7.00 neutral pH.) Iron poisoned blood types are alkaline or acidic; dependent on the proportion and locations of iron deposits and the affects on organs & their functions. The majority of the population are alkaline blood type A & O and correlate to the most prevalent pH of 7.40 (now 7.54 +), acidic blood type B correlates to pH of about 6.8. In addition to iron are radiation and vaccine poisons. Radiation shakes or vibrates blood proteins, breaking off the loosely bound iron and accelerating iron deposition. Vaccines contain nano-particle size parasites, termed “viruses”, that thrive and replicate in the presence of iron deposits, and adjuvant to deplete copper status. GMO foods were created to increase iron availability. These chemical, biological and radiation poisons work together to decrease lifespan and birth rate. The iron poisoned population had a lifespan 45 years less than the healthy segment; that gap has now widened to over 50 years. Current lifespan is estimated at 65-70 years for the poisoned population. Many are now dying in their 40s, 50s and 60s; because the baby boomers were the first to be implanted by parasites via mass vaccination. The population is undergoing the final stage of extermination.

USDA Food Supply Nutrients Schedule Correlates To Population Reduction Schedule: Compare the Population Extermination, Death Statistics (1900-2009), and USDA Food Supply Nutrient (1909-2005) Schedules. There is an apparent correlation between nutrient additions, the increase of nutrients, decrease in births & birth rate, increasing death rate, increasing disease prevalence. Note that mercury is not specifically listed in the USDA Food Supply Nutrient schedules, but was added to the food/water supply and other sources in greater quantities starting in 1996.

Chemical, biological and radiological poisons work together to generate toxic malformations (proteins) and inflammation, and destroy the vascular system/blood supply, thereby shortening lifespan & killing the host. These poisons have altered and damaged the proteins/DNA of the blood, vascular system and other tissues of the body, with the damage, copper deficiency and iron poisoning passing down through the generations. Starting in 1996, the copper depletion rate was significantly increased and coincides with the onslaught of increased amounts of GMO foods (genetically damaged foods), wireless technology, increasing prevalence of diseases and debilitating symptoms/conditions, weakened immune system, decreasing birth rate, increasing death rate, accelerated aging, and decreasing lifespan.

English: A pH scale with annotated examples of...

English: A pH scale with annotated examples of chemicals at each integer pH value. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vaccines were designed to implant nanoparticle-size parasites, (termed “viruses” – mainly measles), and adjuvant to deplete liver copper. The parasites settle, thrive & replicate in the presence of iron deposits and copper deficiency, and accelerate the destruction process by increasing the synthesis rate of abnormal toxic proteins; the consequences being an increasingly defective blood supply, inflammation, secondary bacterial infections, lesions, degeneration, fibrosis, tumors, and CANCER.
The purpose of depleting liver copper with vaccine adjuvant: When the body is invaded by pathogens/viruses, copper is mobilized from the liver in order to neutralize/destroy them. Bacteria and viruses transition from the dormant state (time of injection) to the active state of thriving and replicating as iron stores increase and copper status depletes.
The measles vaccine pathogen has been found in diseased colons of patients — iron is taken into the body via ingestion and the gastrointestinal tract, and thus is a location for a greater proportion of iron accumulation. Measles settles in the mucosal linings of tissues/organs and other locations of iron deposits; where loosely bound iron breaks from blood proteins and settles. The parasite (“virus”) implanted by the vaccines coupled with the iron deposits accelerates the synthesis rate of abnormal toxic proteins; the consequences being inflammation, secondary bacterial infections, lesions, degeneration, tumors and cancer. The synthesis rate of toxic proteins increases as copper status depletes and iron stores increase, overwhelming the immune system and inevitably causing the demise of the host. Note: The MMR Measles vaccine was initially forced on the population beginning with the baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, and subsequently all younger age groups after them.

English: Peripheral blood film of a patient wi...

English: Peripheral blood film of a patient with iron deficiency anemia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Radiation destroys the body through electrical oscillations that shake or vibrate cells and organisms (particularly the blood)– that is breaking up proteins into nonviable fragments, accelerating iron deposition, resulting in a significantly increased copper requirement. This destruction is apparent in an increasingly defective blood supply & damaged vascular system. (Optimal levels of copper are vital for normal healthy protein synthesis — for building and repairing proteins.) This in turn accelerates the growth of nanoparticle parasites and cell destruction.

Bisphenol-A does chemically what radiation does; that is, it breaks apart the blood proteins into nonviable fragments. Ninety-three percent of Americans test positive for bisphenol-A. More accurately, it is 93.34 %. (About 6.66% of the real population numbers do not carry the poison in their blood.)

Blood pH, Blood Types & Population Reduction:
Sufficient Copper Intake Maintains Neutral Blood pH of 7.00: Copper is essential in the formation of normal healthy proteins, that is, normal amino acid sequences, as it provides a balanced pH state for the blood and tissues, maintaining the proper concentration of hydrogen for forming the bonds in normal protein synthesis. A balanced pH of 7.00 is present in blood type AB, which is the only normal blood type. The average pH of the alkaline blood types (A/O) was set up to 7.54 in 2005/06 while the pH of the acidic blood type B was set up to about 6.8. Alkaline and acidic blood types are caused by iron, and are dependent on the locations and levels of iron deposits in the body: liver, spleen, brain, glands, bone marrow, kidneys, lungs, colon, heart, etc. As copper depletes, and blood pH deviates further from neutral 7.00 pH level, iron accumulation accelerates and lifespan decreases. According to documentation on metabolic alkalosis, mortality rates have been reported as 45% in patients with an arterial blood pH of 7.55 and 80% when the pH was greater than 7.65. Mortality rates increase in the acidic blood type as well, with significant increases as the pH approaches 6.8. The desired population reduction rate was set up by increasing the pH level of the alkaline blood types to 7.54, while decreasing the pH of the acidic blood type.

The Rhesus Factor (D-protein) is a probable malformed or variant protein, resulting from insufficient copper levels. Moreover, we were not created with blood incompatibilities that would harm us and our unborn children, as known to occur with an rH negative mother and rH positive fetus, and with blood transfusions. The blood type AB is balanced and therefore does not carry the malformed Rhesus Factor protein as found in the other blood types, thus, only AB negative blood is possible.

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    Ep 443 Wind Turbine Update
    Ann Gardner joins us to discuss the latest National Health and Medical Research Council draft report which reportedly “debunks the most serious health complaints levelled against wind development.”

    Ann joins us to talk about the absolute fraud that is being conducted against the Australian people through the Green Ideology, at the expense of our communities, cost of living and personal health.

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      Tobacco Plant

      The tobacco plant production system was developed because it was a method that could produce antibodies rapidly in the event of an emergency, he said.

      To produce therapeutic proteins inside a tobacco plant, genes for the desired antibodies are fused to genes for a natural tobacco virus, said Arntzen. The tobacco plants are then infected with this new artificial virus, he said.

      “The infection results in the production of antibodies inside the plant,” Arntzen said. The plant is eventually ground up and the antibody is extracted, he said. The whole process takes a matter of weeks.

      When confronted by reporters about the Ebola infections in Liberia and subsequent treatments, Whaley said he needed to get up to speed on the developing events.

      “This is all new to me,” said Whaley, who was dressed in shorts, a well-worn T-shirt and flip-flops while addressing reporters’ questions outside the company’s offices in a San Diego business park. “I just don’t want to give out any inaccurate information, that’s all.”

      Antibody Cocktail

      Mapp’s drug is being developed with Toronto-based Defyrus Inc., which has six employees, according to Defyrus CEO Jeff Turner. ZMapp is a “cocktail” of monoclonal antibodies that help the immune system attack the virus.

      Monoclonal antibodies designed to fight and block specific proteins can stop the virus from latching onto and entering cells, said Heinz Feldmann, chief of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases’ Laboratory of Virology in Hamilton, Montana.

      The key is to find antibodies that can prevent viral infection, and to attack several points on the virus so that mutants won’t “escape” treatment, he said.

      “What you want is a cocktail of antibodies that target different domains on the virus so escape is less likely in treatment,” he said in a telephone interview. Feldmann said he hasn’t been involved in developing treatments.

      ZMapp’s predecessor, MB-003, protected three of seven rhesus macaques in a study run in 2013 by Mapp and the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

      Ethical Questions

      Ebola and virology experts believe the use of the Mapp drug for Brantly and Writebol is unusual in the annals of emergency drug treatments. While potentially saving lives, the cases raise questions about who should have the right to receive experimental drugs years before they gain FDA approval.

      “There are a lot of Africans that are also dying,” Robert Garry, a virologist at Tulane University, said in a telephone interview. “If we are going to do it for the Americans then we should certainly step up our game for the Africans.”

      Although no drugs to treat Ebola are approved by U.S. regulators, the Food and Drug Administration can approve an emergency application to provide access to unapproved drugs, Stephanie Yao, an FDA spokeswoman, said in an e-mail.

      Emergency Approval

      Approval for emergency drug use outside of a clinical trial can be made within 24 hours, Yao wrote. Shipment and treatment with the drug could begin even before completed written forms are submitted to the FDA, which can approve the use of an experimental treatment by telephone in an emergency.

      “The FDA stands ready to work with companies and investigators treating these patients who are in dire need of treatment,” Yao said. She declined to say whether the FDA had allowed any drug to be used in the Ebola outbreak.

      Erica Ollmann Saphire, a molecular biologist at the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, worked with Mapp and the other biotechnology companies to develop models of the Ebola virus and potential antibodies.

      She directs a global consortium given the job of modeling the virus and the mixture of antibodies needed to defeat it. She said the drug was approved for the two American medical workers in Liberia under a compassionate-use doctrine, because it’s not even scheduled for clinical trials until next year.

      Informed Consent

      “I’d take it myself,” she said in an interview in her laboratory, near La Jolla. “Absolutely. I wouldn’t think twice.”

      She said the American medical aid workers were in a better position to give consent to the treatment than African disease victims.

      “Do you put an untested therapy in a human or do you just watch them die?” Saphire asked. “Certainly these two Americans are medically trained individuals who knew what they were getting into. They are able to give informed consent.”

      Medical care of the two U.S. citizens may take two to three weeks if all goes well, Bruce Ribner, an infectious disease specialist at Emory, said in an Aug. 1 news conference.

      The Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which confirmed that Brantly and Writebol are the first Ebola patients on U.S. soil, is working with the hospital and transport company to make sure evacuation of the two patients goes safely, said Barbara Reynolds, an agency spokeswoman.

      “We’re here to make sure the transportation process and the care here in the U.S. ensures there’s no spread,” Reynolds said. “It’s important to remember this is not an airborne virus, it requires close contact with body fluids. It’s minimal risk as long as the people caring for the patient use meticulous procedures.”

      To contact the reporters on this story: Robert Langreth in New York at; Caroline Chen in New York at; John Lauerman in Boston at

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