The law is an ass

The Social Contract

The Social Contract (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vinny’s NUTShell: Marc Stevens
The law is an ass and will likely bite a big chunk out of yours till you get wise to the fact that all taxes, most laws and fines are a complete fraud perpetrated on people by the system.
Enforced by thugs in uniform at the barrel of a gun, taxation is talked up as being a great social contract when in fact it is a fraud and even if you were to pay up, the money just disappears into the pockets of ruthless criminal elements that seek to remove more rights from people. Fighting back is no easy task, but many people across America are now showing up the IRS, DMV and a number of other government departments for the lying thieves they truly are.

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The Martin Bryant story — Part 1

The Port Arthur Massacre Was Martin Bryant Framed?

Extracted from Nexus Magazine,  Volume 13, Number 4 (June – July 2006)  PO Box 30, Mapleton Qld 4560 Australia.  Telephone:  +61 (0)7 5442 9280 ; Fax: +61 (0)7 5442 9381  From our web page at:

1. Martin Bryant’s guilt: the problem of lack of evidence Bryant’s physical appearance     Age      Facial features     Hair Bryant identified as the gunman? Lack of Bryant’s fingerprints or DNA at Port Arthur Bryant’s “gunmanship” Weapons and ammunition used at Port Arthur Concerns about lack of evidence against Bryant 2. The police interrogation A day in the life of an unwitting patsy Incident at the Fortescue Bay turnoff Did the Fortescue Bay turnoff carjacking really take place? Bryant’s distinctive appearance and vehicle 3. The set-up so far Avery capers The threat of a trial The Avery transcripts The Balasko video Abducted and drugged? Where are the witnesses?

Damian Bugg, QC, is on record as giving the impression that a sample of Bryant’s DNA was found on a large knife that is suspected of having been used to murder David Martin at Seascape Cottage, a few kilometres from the PAHS. Bugg said that the knife was subjected to a “very refined test” which allegedly yielded “a DNA sample which was unable to be identified initially but it has now been identified as being consistent with that of Martin Bryant”. (The public has never been told what the source of the DNA was—whether it was blood, for example, or some other substance. If it was Bryant’s blood, this would imply that Bryant was a victim rather than a villain.)

It is, however, a mystery how Tasmania Police came by this knife. According to the official story, the knife was found inside a Prince sports bag that was discarded by the gunman inside the Broad Arrow Café. However, after the gunman exited the café, several witnesses looked inside the bag and none of them observed a large knife there.  What’s more, “Jamie”, the perpetrator of the subsequent siege at Seascape Cottage (by the way, the official claim is that Bryant was “Jamie”), mentioned having a large combat knife in his possession during the course of a phone call with police interrogator Sergeant Terry McCarthy on the evening of 28 April. If this is the knife Bugg is referring to, then it could only have emerged from the Seascape fire in a condition that rendered it useless for forensic purposes

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4 Responses to The law is an ass

  1. pamea says:

    There a few books titled ” The Politics oof Fear” based on the manipulation of emotional thinking of the Masses. WHY THEY ARE CALLED SHEEPE.. Pete, you are an old goat, stubborn, butting theese baffoons with their own words.★★★★★

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