Bahrain portion of iRevolution on CNN June 19 2011

A chat with Amber Lyon
an exclusive interview with Emmy Award winning journalist, filmmaker and former CNN reporter Amber Lyon.

Amber Lyon has reported on subjects as diverse as child trafficking, the 2010 BP oil spill disaster, and the Arab Spring.

Our discussion today focusses on the key issue of integrity in media and journalism. We take a look at the way the major news organisations filter information and influence editorial direction from the top down.

Amber describes her experience as a whistleblower on CNN’s dishonest reporting on Bahrain, and the suppression of her own genuine investigative reporting which exposed the brutal repression of a popular movement for reform in that country.

Amber’s CNN documentary iRevolution: Online Warriors of the Arab Spring has not been broadcast since its initial showing on US CNN and has has never been shown on CNN International, which has wide coverage in the Middle East.

Amber has also engaged in extensive coverage of protest movements within the US, which she has documented in her recent book Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray.

She is currently working on a new book which investigates the use of psychadelic drugs as medicines.
• Bahrain portion of iRevolution on CNN June 19 2011

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