Prohibition only makes Criminals Rich

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2 Responses to Prohibition only makes Criminals Rich

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    from Daily Reckoning research, central bank money printing around the world could be about to unleash a tidal wave of inflation on Australian shores.

    Time and time again, inflation has been proven to destroy entire economies and vast amounts of wealth.

    When central banks print money, inflation goes up. An open ended program of quantitative easing just got the green light. And the German high court cleared the way for the European Central Bank (ECB) to buy Spanish and Italian government bonds through one of Europe’s bailout funds.

    The threat of massive global inflation is now very real.

    Subscribe to The Daily Reckoning today and let us explain…
    How coming inflation could impact on your cash savings, shares, property and income: We explain how inflation can devastate some areas of your wealth while simultaneously growing others.

    Where Australia fits into the global inflation equation. You might be wondering what the prospects of inflation in American and Europe have to do with Australia. Our government doesn’t have anywhere near the debt and deficit concerns. Nor have we been printing money. But we’re just as exposed. Maybe even more so.

    A Six-Step Plan for Protecting Your Wealth: Follow these steps to shore up your money against the great wealth destroyer.

    Inflation-proof assets to own over the next 24 months. And why any drop in precious metals prices means you should buy more.

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