Full Disclosure and Equal Access proposal

Ep 430 A Farmers Voice – Rob Moore Rob Moore of Just Ground Community joins us to discuss the meeting held at St George on Saturday where Farmers put their case to Barnaby Joyce. Framers are struggling everywhere with no rain, low cattle costs, shrinking dams, and manipulated markets. Rob has been working on a Full Disclosure and Equal Access proposal which would give rural producers access to markets with full knowledge of all transactions and rates. At present the market reporting reflects only 25% of the total.

Farmers Voice – Rob Moore.mp3


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“We have enough evidence to prosecute and holding the higher moral ground over both the Prime Minister and Queen of England, I hereby order their immediate arrest for High Treason and sexual crimes against children The US ties to Satanic Ritual Abuse and international child exploitation rings were survivors and perpetrators of the CIA mind-control program – connected to Satanic cults and human experimentation on the 50,000 missing Canadian children. Satanic Ritual Abuse involved the rape, torture and murder of children. Jenny Hill discussed a Satanic Ritual Abuse child sacrifice that was overseen by a CIA master mind-control programmer:


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