Pollies and Public servants can get their super but youll have to wait a while


Age pension may not be sustainable: Hockey

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said “life expectancy was 55 when the age pension was introduced,
but life expectancy was now 30 years longer”

Hmmm , Now remember seeing Mr Hockey with Mr Rudd during their Kokoda trail exercise,
well now here we see a corporate bail in of your superannuation into the banks/corporations of foreigners.

and now a further divide and conquer technique by making the older generation compete for the jobs
( most of which are going off shore anyway ) that would naturally, vide attrition, be available for the next generation.

Did your servants the politicians ask you, if they could increase their wages?
do they obey Section 53 of your Constitution?
Are they pandering to the corporate wishes of tax payer monies into corporate ventures
instead of your countries infrastructure being attended to ?
Didnt Labour give Bill Gates $80 million of your children’s future fund?
Also wasnt there some $40 million for a temporary seat at the U N?
Your countries(your childrens and grand childrens future) have been sold like Cubby station
and jobs like vehicle manufacturing are being shipped off shore also shortly!

Grace Collier
‘Your retirement money and taxes are going to be spent on building roads and hospitals’


Hockey wants deal to lift growth above 3.7pc, IMF, UK back plan

Aust shares slump with $28bn wiped off


UN/IPCC Exposed: Use Climate Change As
Weapon To Force One-Party System


“The actual goal of the climatism is to liquidate democracy, freedom, and prosperity in the world. …It’s the very ability of the one-party system to neutralize the opposition of any kind that is so intriguing for Ms Figueres and thousands of champions of the climate alarmism. It’s what their talk about the ‘consensus’ and the dissatisfaction with the ‘contrarians’ is all about. The goal of these people is to stop democracy, freedom, and prosperity regardless of the fate of Nature, the temperatures, or the CO2 concentrations.”



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6 Responses to Pollies and Public servants can get their super but youll have to wait a while

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Labor’s Evil Plan for Australia- Agenda 21 Genocide Plan

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  3. pamea says:

    My hubby died before his 55 birthday. Our 5 children were 5 – 15 years of age. No help from Hockey’s team as far as counciling .. Every dollar over 40 dollar my pension was cut back .. home was condemned as far as being allowed to have electrical hot water or stove, improvements. Our gas was from tanks swapped at local store, then government changed the law on that, so Mr Hockey. .go jump!

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