Australia Unions infiltrated by Cia/Cia in Australia

Whitlam was viewed as an Australian Ho Chi Minh,” Mr Boyce says. “He was taking Australia into socialism. You couldn’t mention Whitlam’s name without the spooks in there just looking nauseated. He was a threat. He was viewed as a threat to the program.”

When Kerr dismissed Mr Whitlam, there was “jubilation” and “relief” within the CIA, Mr Boyce claims.

“To me, that was a coup. You Australians can call it whatever you want. I cannot sit here and prove it, but I believe it.”

Mr Boyce reveals in the interview that he has never been asked by MPs at the time or since for details about his allegations.
On SBS Dateline: Christopher Boyce blows whistle on CIA corruption of Australian democracy, Labor Party & trade union movement

Tue, 2014-02-18 20:16 — Geoffrey Taylor

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The CIA in Australia

Part 3

We also delved into the past associations of Sir John Kerr from his wartime intelligence work through his inaugural presidency of the CIA-front organisation Law Asia to his phone calls to the American embassy in the days before the dismissal. And we’ve seen how badly the Australian and American defence and intelligence community took the disclosures about Pine Gap and the first CIA Station Chief there Richard Stallings. But the question remains how did the CIA get away with deceiving and destabilising the Whitlam government? Former CIA officer Victor Marchetti looks at it in this way:

Victor Marchetti: I would say that this would be done, to my experience, particularly in friendly host countries, is always done, with the knowledge of the host country. I mean, the CIA did not take these actions upon itself. It’s done in cooperation with the local intelligence services and they of course provided assistance and protection. The CIA has worked with other intelligence organisations in other friendly countries in England, Norway, Canada, Germany, in a whole variety of countries in a large range of joint projects. The only reason the CIA would get involved in supporting certain political parties or undercutting other parties would be because we had the money and the expertise and so forth to be able to do it and this would be viewed as a cooperative venture because the host country welcomes the US. What you in Australia must understand is that you are more to blame than the CIA is because you want this to happen, you want a certain administration in control and you don’t want another administration in control. The first question I tell all foreign journalists when they bring out this point is … I ask them, `look, you find out where the loyalties of your intelligence services lies. Do they lie with your country as a whole, for better or worse, or to the establishment in your country?’ and in most instances the answer you find is `to the establishment.’ So in essence this is like in the old days in Europe where the nobility of various countries had more in common with each other than they did with their own people. This is true of intelligence services. They tend to have more in common with each other and their establishments which they represent than they do with their own people.

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  1. PeterBDunn says:

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    Environmental group Sea Shepherd claims it is under attack by a fleet of Japanese Whalers in the Southern Ocean.

    The crew on board the Bob Barker, an anti-whaling ship, are bracing for a long night ahead after being attacked by the Yushin Maru and Yushin Maru No. 3 at 5.15pm (AEDT) on Sunday in the Ross Sea, Sea Shepherd spokesman Adam Burling said.

    The Japanese whaling ships have sought to destabilise the Bob Barker by towing steel cable across the bow of the ship to disable its propeller and rudder, he said.

    Another Japanese whaling ship the Nisshin Maru was 40 nautical miles away from The Bob Barker at the time the attack began.

    The previous two attacks against the Sea Shepherd lasted nine and six hours, respectively, Mr Burling said.

    Last month Japanese whalers used the same tactics in an assault on the Bob Barker with an aim to deter the anti-whaling vessel from blocking whale poachers in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, the Sea Shepherd has previously reported
    Environment Minister Greg Hunt ordered an investigation into earlier claims a Sea Shepherd vessel was rammed by the whalers in New Zealand waters on February 2.

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