Showering can make us sick

Showering can make us sick: scientists

Scientists from the University of Colorado have revealed the warm, damp, enclosed conditions of showerheads are the perfect breeding ground for mycobacterium avium — one of the pathogens responsible for causing respiratory illnesses.

The findings also showed the water coming through the showerhead vaporised the bacteria in tiny water droplets, making it easier for people to breathe it deep into their lungs.

Molecular biologist Norman Pace said the findings were a serious public health concern.

“How many people do you know with a shallow cough? Probably a lot (and) I would bet that in a lot of cases mycobacterium avium is responsible,” he said.

“(Showering is) like anything else — there is a risk associated with it.”

“If you are immune compromised or are susceptible to pulmonary infections, take a bath instead of a shower,” she said.

“If you are healthy and your immune system is functioning properly, you should not worry about the germs in your showerhead.”

The study showed plastic showerheads were more likely to develop biofilms of germs than steel ones.

In Warrawong 11 million was spent re a public housing upgrade during which they purposely removed the baths from the green and todd street flats  Why, most prob because of what  the headless roster brigade Prince Charles said a few years ago now that bathing was a waste of water,  but we saw  Julia get a big Spa bath in her new home in South Australia, but you  poor  plebe don’t deserve to be able to soak in bicarb and  Epsom salts to detoxify  ones skin  . Try that one in a shower  ay !!


The Newspaper advert for the $41 mil Upgrade to Social Housing


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    • PeterBDunn says:

      Ep 443 Wind Turbine Update
      Ann Gardner joins us to discuss the latest National Health and Medical Research Council draft report which reportedly “debunks the most serious health complaints levelled against wind development.”

      Ann joins us to talk about the absolute fraud that is being conducted against the Australian people through the Green Ideology, at the expense of our communities, cost of living and personal health.

      Wind Turbine Update – Ann Gardner.mp3
      [audio src="" /]

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