Ep 448 Freemen Thinking Out Loud


Ep 448 Freemen Thinking Out Loud
Simon joins us to discuss some of the latest developments in the Freeman Movement, and the concepts of Common Law and Natural Law.

Is this a law abiding system? Is there a remedy in law? Many a strong researcher has unraveled the layers of the system to reveal it’s mechanics. It is indeed a system of slavery, hearkening back to Babylon. The natural desire of individuals is to be free. It is only natural then to be attracted to remedies that offer freedom or the ability simply to live in peace.

Today we’re going to look a little at how our natural rights have been removed, and how much good we can expect from using the system to fight the system. A whole movement has sprung up around individual sovereignty through knowledge of law often called the “Freeman movement”. There is much allure to using hidden knowledge of this systems rules to restore our individual sovereignty and distance ourselves from unfair contracts.

We examine some leading Freeman thinker’s in Dean Clifford, Schaeffer Cox and Kevin Annett and their latest moves, imprisonment and calls to action.

14.03.06 Freemen Thinking.mp3




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