Vinny and Dane discuss GeoEngineering and Chemtrails


GeoEngineering, If We Don’t Stop It, It’ll Stop All Life On Earth, Dane Wigington, 4 June 2014


.4 Jun Dane Wigington Vinny Eastwood Show 2014 – VinnY Eastwood

Powder control generator  claim

Dane Wigington
Look, we’re not going to lie to you, the earths life support systems are in jeopardy because of “chem trail” geoengineering.
Most people are not currently making a big fuss about this most important issue that could ensure the extinction of the human race and most other species, what’s your excuse for not trying to contribute to stopping chem trails?
Got something to do that’s more important than ensuring the human race and all life on earth don’t face extinction in the next decade?
Thought not…





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4 Responses to Vinny and Dane discuss GeoEngineering and Chemtrails

  1. pamea says:

    Published on 1 May 2014
    This retired Army Ranger tells it all and has many pictures to back up his claims. If anyone is concerned about America’s future then watch this and hear it from a person who was in the know..

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