Bank Fraud – Wayne Styles

Ep 496 Bank Fraud – Wayne Styles

Wayne Styles joins us to share his story of uncovering banking fraud. After discovering fraudulent documentation, including falsified assets, income and share, he lodged a formal complaint with ASIC to no avail. Then with the FOS Financial Ombudsmen Service, to no avail. Then with the police, then to the Criminal Investigation Branch, to no avail. He was told by detectives that the Bank had destroyed the original documents and there was no way to secure a conviction? Waynes story reveals collusion, corruption, fraud, protection and a total criminal cartel protecting the banking institutions.


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  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the derp of Nirp and Zirp as zero growth in labor hours and a climb in misery exposes the lie that is zero percent interest rate miracles. Max also argues that QE causes deflation. In the second half, Max interviews filmmaker, Ondi Timoner, about crowdfunding, surveillance and privacy.

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