TONY Abbott is open to hosting more US forces on Australian soil as he deepens the alliance between the two nations and pled­ges help to confront terror threats.

The Prime Minister said there would be “plenty of movements of military assets” as Australia comes to the aid of its most important ally as well as helping neighbours to ensure stability in the region. He told The Weekend Australian that he wanted to tighten the security relationship with Indon­esia by drawing on the “five eyes” intelligence network to identify extremists

Hey Dont Believe all the Hype

Do Some Reaearch and Put the glasses on and see How they Live and Lie to you.


Al-quaeda was a threat created as a result of neoconservative ideology.

The CIA in fact hlped Bin laden way back in 1992 to fight against the Soviets who were occupying Afghanistan at that time. he recieved money, logistic support and weapons from CIA. Bin laden is a creation of the CIA that turned on itself Anybody who is interested can read the Sep 11 report

•Al Qaeda, as anyone who has studied its history knows, is really the CIA! Al Qaeda (the Database) is simply a list of the names of all the mercenaries, Mujahideen, Jihadists, criminal thugs …. under the employment of the CIA. Al Qaeda as a formal organization does not exist! The organization, planning, management, target selection, arming, logistic supplies, training, financing …. are all done via the CIA!

•Published on Jun 26, 2013
X- high ranking Al Qaeda member Nabil Naim says that Al Qaeda leaders are taking orders from the CIA and that the war in Syria is an unjustified war which the US are exploiting the Jihadists for, making Al Nusra Front pledge allegiance to AlQaeda was part of the plan. Full interview.

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  1. PeterBDunn says:

    …Proof We Run Al-Qaeda: Special Report

  2. pamea says:

    Leave out the ‘we’ I have no part to play in an undeclared war! My efforts for peace go unnoticed and unrecognized, here in the rabbit hole.

  3. PeterBDunn says:

    Your servants Who come from the same Australian Community
    as you and your family,
    who dont produce anything,
    just sit and polish seats talk whilst arguing like entitled children
    propourt like Mafiosa criminals that you owe them more of your hard earnt
    $$$$, really well have a look at,

    Legally Avoid Paying US Income Tax

    Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know – Income Taxes

    Here’s a licensure meaning: “…(lsn-shr, -shr) n. The act or an
    instance of granting a license, usually to practice a profession.”

    Are you working out of an automobile or engaged in the driving
    professions needing government regulation? Did Australians ever need to
    be tested for travel by dangerous fast horses, buggies or a wagon that
    will get you just as dead as traveling by automobile? Could any get
    family behind the reigns of such travel without department of
    transportation’s once in a lifetime approval? As for tests, will any
    go blind or aged before the four-year renewal? What’s the real
    importance of this 70-year-old something commercial program but to
    serve as a form of documentation control. The very exercise of your
    God-given right to travel has been turned into a federal
    identification system–for most, against their will. Is this what any
    intended to sign-up for?

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