End Game, Your either dumb or Mad as Hell!

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5 Responses to End Game, Your either dumb or Mad as Hell!

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    $A at the mercy of two central banks
    Doves are meant to symbolise peace, but the Australian dollar is getting caught in a tug of war between two of them.

    In financial jargon, a dove is a central banker who prefers interest rates to stay low.

    Record low interest rates in Australia should be helping Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens guide the stubbornly high Australian dollar lower to help the local economy.

    However his aim is being frustrated by interest rates in the US that are even lower, with Federal Reserve boss Janet Yellen signalling they will remain low for a “considerable time”.

    The Aussie fell to a two-week low of 93.22 US cents on Tuesday after minutes of the RBA’s June board meeting showed it wants to keep the cash rate at a record low of 2.5 per cent “for some time yet”, and included a downbeat assessment on Australia’s economic growth prospects

  2. pamea says:

    Enjoy your nuts. California is in drought.. Australian nuts are selling at an all time high.. Eat up because tomorrow the price will have doubled, coffee, honey, less of it than before. Fish is plentiful but the oceans are giving up smaller harvests… perhaps we will die out.. die of starvation.

    • PeterBDunn says:

      Aussies Beware, Birds of a Feather Flock together,
      Like adgenda 21, Clowen and Piven,SOPA, ACTA,PIPA,
      No boarders betwen countries and loss of indgenous soverignty
      Moving Jobs off shore and Unemployment rises, …

      Where is Peoples common sense these days???

      Clive Palmer, flanked by former US vice president Al Gore, announced on Wednesday he would help the government keep its key election promise by backing the repeal of the carbon tax.

      But in return the Palmer United Party leader wants a legal guarantee that electricity savings will be passed onto consumers and an emissions trading scheme (ETS) be ready to go if needed.

      He stopped short of linking the tax scrap to the introduction of an ETS, meaning the government can push ahead with its key election promise and deal separately with legislation to build a framework to price carbon.

      The coalition claimed victory.

      “What we have seen today is vindication,” Environment Minister Greg Hunt told reporters in Canberra.

      “The announcement this evening means that the Senate will be following the coalition’s plan.”

      • PeterBDunn says:

        The real social injustice is when
        Politicans who swear to uphold our constitution ignore
        its common practices and call ungazzetted notes made by other public servants
        and they pruport them to be laws because the average person doesnt know about
        their Unleanable and inalieanable rights that come from our creator ie God Given
        so where is the note from god that gives these created beings god like
        powers to ignore the magna caarte common law and common practice?

      • pamea says:

        Tut tut~ I am carbon & there is more of me. Al Gore is steaming ahead with his eugenics adjenda .. what is Palmer doing listening to him? SBS 4 Showed 3 native Palmer party reps. They sincerely believe Gore & Palmer are 4 a sustainable development in providing food shelter n clothing for all. “Poppy cock ~~”

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