Australia has the greatest percentage of recreational drug users in the world.

So our elected servants tell us were broke , in that they Overspent the monies in the tax trough, and they are keeping the drugs most of the populous use as illegal for their racketeering/profiteering.
Just how intelligent is this?
When a great majority of a population disregard a law or ignore , that law then it becomes unreasonable and should be repealed and a new way initiated upon.
Treason is not just a word you Know!
Yahoo7 News

July 7, 2014, 8:35 am
A new report from the United Nations has revealed Australia has the greatest percentage of recreational drug users in the world.

The shocking statistic is also on the rise, according to the United Nation’s 2014 World Drug Report.

It claims Australia has the world’s highest proportion of ecstasy users, ranks third for methamphetamine users, and fourth for cocaine.

Drug reform experts say there has been an increase in the demand for illicit drugs due to social and economic conditions.

◾UN World Drug Report 2014
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“People on one hand have more money to spend and on the other there are more people who are at risk,” Australian Drug Law Reform Foundation president Dr Alex Wodak told News Limited.

“Those at risk are getting worse because of high unemployment, poor job prospects, lack of optimism.”





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