Carbon tax repealed by Senate at the third attempt

Carbon tax repealed by Senate at the third attempt

The Australian |
July 17, 2014 4:37PM

Jared Owens

TONY Abbott has hailed the repeal of the “useless, destructive” carbon tax, pledging to reduce greenhouse emissions without the “international oddity” of a broadbased carbon price.

The Prime Minister, while claiming victory after a five-year campaign against carbon pricing, also launched a new campaign against
the Labor Party’s promise to take a replacement emissions trading scheme to the next election.

So tough shlitz to the EU

“The European Union regrets the repeal of Australia’s carbon pricing mechanism just as new carbon pricing initiatives are emerging all around the world,” Ms Hedegaard said in a statement.
“With today’s repeal of the carbon pricing mechanism, the discussions to link the Australian system and Europe’s carbon market will evidently be discontinued.”
The EU was “convinced” that carbon pricing was the most cost-effective means to reduce emissions and help the world make the economic change it needed, she added.
Australia’s carbon pricing mechanism was due to link with Europe’s ETS from July 2015.
The EU emissions trading scheme is the largest international system for trading carbon allowances, covering nearly half of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions.
The Australian Senate on Thursday voted to repeal the carbon pricing mechanism introduced by Labor in 2012.


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