Information for the common man re what happenned to the Australian Constitution.

Fairdinkum Radio Show 5.12.13

The Constitution- Dick Yardley

Dick Yardley joins us to discuss his research into the Constitution, ‘In a Geographical sense’. Together we discuss historical changes made to the Constitution and the establishment of subsequent ‘Acts’, developing a new layer of Statute Law by which the Government, Courts, Bureaucracy, Police and all organs of the State now implement their will on the people.

Click to access COMMONWEALTH%20OF%20AUSTRALIA%20CONSTITUTION%20ACT%201901%20Dick%20Yardley.pdf

Is australia a corporaton registered with the New York Fedral Reserve?
Was our Govener General emplaced vide normal Letters of Patent?


the power  scam


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4 Responses to Information for the common man re what happenned to the Australian Constitution.

  1. pamea says:

    ”A report by an energy economics group has found that Australia’s LNG industry has underestimated the impact of a recent deal between Russia and China.

    It adds to the chorus of concern that if high costs aren’t reined in, Australia will likely miss out on $180 billion of future developments.”

    Can you picture Ukraine freezing because of their stubborn rulers & the rebels not caring a hoot about their own country men/women & children.

    Just appeared in Northern Russia

    Another view, or a different hole?

  2. pamea says:
    This is more than you’d find in normal training manuvers/

    This one reminds me of Qld government

  3. PeterBDunn says:

    Kings Seal
    Wednesday 13 August, 8:30pm

    Conspiracy, Treason, Betrayal, Rape and Murder: Welcome to the Free-Settler Colony of South Australia.

    In 1836, King William IV and the British Parliament enshrined into law the “Letters Patent”, the founding document that established the state of South Australia. Unknown to many people today, the Letters Patent included a unique guarantee to protect and legally secure land rights for all of South Australia’s Aboriginal people and Descendants – giving Aboriginal people the right to occupy and enjoy their land for always.

    This legal right, still enshrined in law today, was in fact the first ever Aboriginal land rights secured in Australia’s history – rights that have been denied since 1836.

    • PeterBDunn says:
      13 August 2014
      Bailout or bail-in? Craig Isherwood reflects on the dangers
      facing Australia’s financial system

      Our guest today in the 2nd hour is Craig Isherwood, secretary of the Citizens Electoral Council. Craig and the CEC have been lobbying intensively for changes to financial regulations which would create a separation between merchant and commercial banks, to prevent depositors’ funds being used for high risk investments like derivative trading.

      In our discussion Craig explains and elucidates some of the obscure “financial instruments” that are being used by merchant banks, and he warns us that a banking collapse in Australia is all but inevitable.

      In the first hour we bring you an investigation into the prejudice and delusion of the Australian and American public over what is happening in the Middle East and the Ukraine.

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