You are entitled to access a copy of that record if it is about you!

Doctor took the medicare fee but wouldnt fill out a form

On Tuesday 5th August 2014 I took a disabled parking permit form, from the RTA
for the Drs at
Inland Medical Centre – Forbes 2871, Lachlan st, NSW
to sign for me to lodge back at the RTA, But instead,
after showing the DR my drivers licence,
disability pension card, and my attempt to wiggell my left toes
i was issued with a blood sample form and i was told it would cost me to
obtain my own medical information,
that i provided from the specialist, to the Medical Practitioner
upon request , at No Charge in the 1st instance.
So much for their duty of Care or their due dilligance,
instead of them ringing my old Dr,
No service just take the medicare
fee and you ring your old Dr and get him to send up your records at
your expense, never mind the government
putting your medical records on line to make life easier….

(part of a convo on yahoo chat)(copied and pasted)
peter dunn (8/5/2014 12:34:14 PM): Went to drs to get a disabled parking permit and
he tells me my old dr at warrawong wants to charge me for the documents i gave him,
photocopied for free, re my left foot crush injury, then the dr wants me to give him my blood for free also

Centerlink similarly was provided with documents from the specialist re my
left foot crush injury prior to them
placing me on the disability pension.

Inland Medical Centre – Forbes 2871, Lachlan, NSW

Medical Centers – Forbes, NSW 2871
Inland Medical Centre

Telephone: (02) 6851 5208
Fax: –
Mobile: –

3H.2.2: Freedom of information law and accessing information

In NSW most public health records in the past were accessed through Freedom of Information (FOI) legislation. Since late 2010, access under FOI has been replaced with the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) (GIPA).

NSW Health and Local Health Networks (formerly the Area Health Services) now encourage applications for access to health records to be made under the right to access in privacy legislation.

you will still need to apply through GIPA if you want information other than information about your own health and treatment.

There is still Commonwealth FOI legislation, but again, if the information you seek is about you and your health treatment, and is held by a Commonwealth public health provider, you should apply for access under privacy laws, rather than FOI.

For example you can access information held by Medicare under both FOI and Commonwealth privacy legislation. For more information about accessing information held by Medicare, click here.

For more information about Commonwealth FOI, you can contact the Commonwealth Privacy Commissioner.

For more information about GIPA, you can contact the NSW Privacy Commissioner.

3H.4: Keeping records and getting access to records that are more than seven years old

*** you are entitled to access a copy of that record if it is about you. ***

The exception is that you have no right of access under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) to health records made before 2001.

Click to access FINAL-Review-of-PCEHR-December-2013.pdf


corp owned servnts


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4 Responses to You are entitled to access a copy of that record if it is about you!

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    The full military retiree medical care swindle story

  2. pamea says:
    you may find the answer here

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