Australian Weights and Mesures Information for you and yours,d.dGc

National Measurement Act 1960 Current
C2013C00612 25/Sep/2013 02/Jul/2013
National Measurement Amendment Act 2013

Measurement Legislation
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The Commonwealth has a constitutional head of power for ‘weights and measures’. This is set out in section 51 (xv) of the Constitution. The Commonwealth also assumes a broader leadership and coordinating role to ensure that our national measurement standards across the physical, chemical and biological spectrums conform to international standards.

The National Measurement Act 1960 establishes a national system of units and standards of measurement and provides for the uniform use of those units and standards throughout Australia to ensure traceability of measurement. The Act establishes a framework for the regulation of measuring instruments used for trade and provides for a system of verification of utility meters used for trade. The National Measurement Act was amended in 2004 to establish NMI and a statutory officer, the Chief Metrologist, with functions and powers relating to units and standards of measurement and to pattern approval.

The National Measurement Regulations 1999 provide further detail for the application of the National Measurement Act.

The National Measurement Guidelines 1999 govern the way in which Australian legal units of measurement may be combined to produce an Australian legal unit of measurement, and how they may be combined with prefixes to produce Australian legal units of measurement.

here Weights and Measures Regulations Come From
The Division of Measurement Standards has been given the authority by the Legislature to adopt regulations in order to carry out the enforcement of Business and Professions Code, Division 5 (Section 12027). California weights and measures regulations are found in the California Code of Regulations, Title 4, Division 9. Some of the regulations are developed within the Division, and others are adopted by reference to another organization’s standards, publications, or handbooks as specified in the particular statute. The following are organizations that are utilized for that purpose.

A word of caution to the weights and measures official
As a weights and measures official, you will be provided with various program manuals, examination procedures outline, and other useful information that explains how to do your job. You must remember that these various manuals are only guidelines to assist you in proper testing procedures, inspection procedures, and sampling procedures. They are not the law and since they are guidelines, you may not reference them or their various sections as part of a Notice of Violation, a citation (Notice to Appear), or criminal or civil filing. You must reference the proper Business and Professions Code section(s) and the appropriate Code of Regulations section(s). The various manuals may only be used to explain how you performed your inspection, sampling, or testing.

Tony Higgins has been a tenant in the block for 18 months and he believes that this amount is almost three times more than other community housing water rates.

“Others in community housing pay just $3.10 per fortnight which means they pay only $80.60 per year per house and we pay $234 per year per unit for the same water,” he said.

“I’m just upset about paying three times more than what Housing NSW are being charged themselves.”

While the Forbes Shire Council set the water rates for the town, they charge Housing NSW who in turn bill their tenants

Current Housing NSW tenancy agreements declare that the water rate is set at 4.7 per cent of tenants rent, up to a maximum of $7.

Yet at this rate, the pensioners are paying more than the Shire Council are charging Housing NSW.

Mr Higgins is frustrated with this and believes that as tenants of community housing, their discounted rent should not mean they pay more for water and other amenities.

“With our consumption under the shire council’s water rates we should have paid $790 for the past 12 months, instead we have paid a staggering $3042,” he said.

“In my opinion, community housing should not be trying to recuperate some of the subsidy that we’re getting as pensioners in water rates,” he said.

While the water rate charged by Housing NSW is set and therefore consumption should not alter the water bill, a spokesperson for the Department of Family and Community Services said if charges are high it is because of excess usage.

“Tenants are responsible for excess water usage but Family and Community Services does not apply any additional administrative charges on top of this,” the spokesperson said.

“Some tenants receive higher bills than they expect, but this is generally found to be due to them maintaining a garden or having a large family.”

Yet neither Mr Higgins, nor any of the other tenants have families and as Mr Higgins explains, none of the tenants are avid gardeners.



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4 Responses to Australian Weights and Mesures Information for you and yours

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    “Arresting a Corrupt Lawyer/Bureaucrat”

  2. PeterBDunn says:

    “While the water rate charged by Housing NSW is set and therefore consumption should not alter the water bill, a spokesperson for the Department of Family and Community Services said if charges are high it is because of excess usage.”
    Well stop racketeering the public with your fiat water charges and Obey the Law of our great Country’s Constitution Australia to wit the Weights and Measures Act, I notice no name of the spokes person for the govt dept so they remain anonymous and responsibility free A bunch of commie social fabian servants purporting to be your master WAKE UP People

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