The Writing on the Wall for unsecured Creditors, Depositors.

its a bit obvious my fellow Australians they’re considering
Bail Ins to banks whilst they make record profits…..
BoE Says G20 Nations To Enact Bank Deposits Theft Within 12 Months

Black Update: Australia Bank Bail In 2013-2014 Government Plan To Use Citizens Wealth To Bail In

Politics, not policy, will decide who gets bailed out

Stability and Appropriateness of the Australian Banking System

Click to access Piesse_John.pdf

How Bank Depositors Have Become Unsecured Creditors

Australian bank profits hit record $29 billion

Westpac posts full year cash profit of $7.63bn
One of Australia’s biggest lenders, ANZ, has announced a record full-year net profit of A$7.3bn ($6.4bn, £4bn), up 15% from a year earlier.

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1 Response to The Writing on the Wall for unsecured Creditors, Depositors.

  1. PeterBDunn says:

    Westpac boss’ pay swells to $12.7m

    Westpac boss Gail Kelly has become one of the country’s highest paid executives, with her pay packet swelling to around $13 million.

    Ms Kelly’s fixed pay was $3 million for the year to September 30, while she also collected $2.7 million in short-term bonuses in a year Westpac posted a record profit.

    She was awarded another $7 million worth of shares as part of a long-term bonus package, increasing her total remuneration to $12.7 million from $9.6 million a year ago.

    Ms Kelly’s pay packet dwarfs that of her rivals, with ANZ boss Mike Smith paid $10.7 million and Commonwealth Bank’s Ian Narev pocketing $8.1 million.

    It’s also lifted above those received by the heads of Australia’s biggest companies, BHP and Rio Tinto.

    Details of Ms Kelly’s pay were revealed in Westpac’s annual report, which also detailed the bank’s political donations for the year.

    Westpac donated $73,000 to the Labor Party and $81,904 to the Liberals.

    Chairman Lindsay Maxsted also wrote that Westpac expects the Australian economy to steadily improve as consumer demand picks up while interest rates remain at record lows.

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