Scientific Devils Push Vaccine Poison

Scientific Devils Push Vaccine Poison
Published on 12 Nov 2014

Alex Jones breaks down the plan of the globalists to dumb down and sterilize any they see as beneath them.…

Ep 557 Global Depopulation Agenda
This week we focus on the world wide depopulation agenda. Is there really a world wide depopulation agenda? Who is behind the prominent Thinkers, Academics, Politicians, Professors, Scientists that promote a depopulation agenda? What does Climate Change, Religion, Economics, Evolution all have in common?
We take a look at the ideas behind a desire to depopulate the earth. We look at factual statements from the Architects themselves, together with real world evidence that this agenda is being carried out before our eyes in our time.
And yes, there is a good chance Ladies and Gentlemen that you are one of the ‘useless eaters’ destined to a lifetime of servitude or death. We compare the Kingdom or life under YHWH to the Kingdom of this world under Lucifer. Choose you this day whom you will serve.

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