A disarmed public cant protect their stuff or their rights

Dollar Collapse For Dummies

Published on 16 Dec 2014
David Knight takes the studio for Alex Jones and discusses the coming collapse with callers.

Another Positive Gun Story You Won’t See On The National Media

port arthur massacre martin bryant setup pt1

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2 Responses to A disarmed public cant protect their stuff or their rights

  1. PeterBDunn says:


    [audio src="http://fairdinkumradio.com/resources/13.3.21%20Fairdinkum%20Radio%20Show%20H3.mp3" /]

    Martin Bryant is innocent!

    Hour 3. Leon is joined by Dr Keith Allan Noble PHD, the author of a soon to be released book: “Mass Murder Official Killing in Tasmania.” Keith Nobles forthcoming book investigates the story: “Of an innocent Martin Bryant who was denied a trial and who is now imprisoned until he dies for crimes he did not commit in Tasmania, Australia. Martin Bryant has been cruelly incarcerated for nearly 17 years for crimes many believe he did not commit and could never have committed. There is NO hard evidence proving he killed anyone at or near Port Arthur Historic Site in Tasmania, Australia, in April 1996. Martin was born handicapped. He has a very low IQ of 66. Tests reveal his mental age is 11 years, or less. It is inconceivable he did all the planning and arranging,then did all the shooting. The only eyewitness who knew him said, Martin was NOT the gunman. Other eyewitnesses confirm this fact. Research reveals alleged evidence against Martin was faked. He is the patsy – someone set up and misused, then officially blamed.”

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